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"Mass Conception Recommend on Alan Cross"

Brent Chittenden
July 11, 2012

Artist: Mass Conception Album: Greatest Show Never Seen

Mass Conception hail from Burlington, Ontario and so far have the makings of a pretty solid alternative rock outfit. Guitars, straight ahead vocals but with a subtle complexity in sound. I like what I hear so far, curious what comes next for them.

Sounds Like: Bit of Joy Division, bits of The Cult mixed with Canadian rock -

"Mass Conception Recommend on Alan Cross"

Brent Chittenden
July 11, 2012

Artist: Mass Conception Album: Greatest Show Never Seen

Mass Conception hail from Burlington, Ontario and so far have the makings of a pretty solid alternative rock outfit. Guitars, straight ahead vocals but with a subtle complexity in sound. I like what I hear so far, curious what comes next for them.

Sounds Like: Bit of Joy Division, bits of The Cult mixed with Canadian rock -

"Jill on Y108's "Get Hammered""

Radio Interview

Andre Schickolenko: Welcome to another edition of “Get Hammered.” I’m Andre Schickolenko. Tonight we feature Mass Conception. Jill on the line. I got to tell you, Jill’s got a very sexy voice. Jill, let’s hear this voice of yours.

Jill: Thanks, Andre. What can I say? I was born with it.

AS: It’s a good feature to have. Now first and foremost congratulations on your success. I was just looking at your agenda this past summer. Man, what a busy summer it has been for the gang.

Jill: Thank You. It’s been a good summer. We’ve had some good gigs. It’s been a lot of fun, and we’re looking forward to doing more.

AS: And, again, more in the spotlight. It’s not the first time you’ve been featured on “Get Hammered.” I guess that’s why you come back, because it’s nice to see a band like yours keep growing and growing. You’re success has definitely been paying off.

Jill: Thank You. We’re having a good time. We’re working on some new songs. We’ve got a show coming up at the Rooster in Burlington on October 11. We’re looking forward to doing some of the ones from our CD and some new ones too. It’s going to be good.

AS: How’s the world wide web been? Has it been a definite seller for you guys?

Jill: Getting stuff out on the internet, you mean? Carm’s got some stuff up on CD Baby. You can visit our website at We use Facebook for some local event promotion. We’re just trying to get it out there.

AS: Anymore work with Bob Lanois?

Jill: We keep in touch with Bob. He’s one of my favourite people in the world. Nothing in the slots right now, but when we go back into the studio we’ll definitely want to work with Bob again.

AS: Now this is going to be an exciting time for you guys too, because it’s such a tough industry, as you know. You’ve got to keep pounding the pavement too.

Jill: It’s true. It’s true. You’ve got to keep the shows going. Try to get friends to come out. We give our CDs away. The first CD that we did at least. We just try to get the music out there, and get the word out there. And you do, you’re right, you have to keep playing and get out there. We played a gig in Toronto a few months ago at the Horseshoe, but other than that we’ve stayed local. It’s been cool.

AS: Let’s talk about “When Rocks Collide.” Talk about the song.
Jill: Carm wrote the lyrics for that one. It’s got an ethereal sound to it I think. It might be thought provoking for some people, but really it’s just user takes all. Decide what it means to you.

AS: I appreciate that. Very nice talking to you, Jill. I love the sexy voice. I really do.

Jill: Thank you, Andre.
AS: You’ve got to do an acoustic poetry reading at the beginning of the CDs. That would be really interesting.

Jill: Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.

AS: It reminds me of Buddy from Fishbone. He did that because he’s an extreme poet, and he did that at one of his show. It kind of blew me away.

Jill: No way. I’ll try to sell Carm on that one. Maybe he’ll like it.

AS: To hell with him. Go on your own girl.

Jill: Alright. Alright.

AS: That’s what I want to hear. Jill, you’re a sweetheart. Nice chatting with you. Godspeed to Mass Conception. Tonight’s “Get Hammered.” Here’s “When Rocks Collide” on Y108.
- Y108 (Hamilton 107.9 FM)

"Mass Conception ready to showcase new album Nov. 2"

The Burlington Post
October 12, 2012

Burlington band Mass Conception has a new sound showcased in a new album and a live performance on Nov. 2 when the band opens for Carole Pope of Rough Trade at Boston Manor.

The band came together five years ago but had personnel changes that resulted in the current line-up, and was the reason for four years between releasing its debut EP and the new full-length album, Greatest Show Never Scene.

Mass Conception now consists of Jill Macdonell on vocals, Stuart Gatz on bass guitar, Joe Cappadocia, guitarist, and drummer Phil White.

“2012 has been an interesting year for the band,” said White. “Earlier this year, we finished the arduous process of mixing our album and we spent most of the year promoting it. It’s been four years between releases because we’ve gone through several line-up changes, wrote new songs, rehearsed and got as tight as possible.”

As well as finalizing the lineup, the band spent the time to hone its alternative rock sound.

“Greatest Show Never Scene is a culmination of blood, sweat and tears,” said White. “The album was recorded off the floor, which captures the live sound of the band that we are known for. We are very pleased with the outcome and hope the fans are, too.”

Released a few months ago, the album has received critical acclaim with Alan Cross, host of the Secret History of Rock, recommending the band.

“The addition of Joe on guitar in 2009 added that melodic play that was previously lacking,” explained White. “Jill brings her unique whiskey-bar vocals while Stuart and I add dance rhythms and are the backbone of the band.”

This lineup started by chance when Gatz heard Macdonell performed at an open jam at the former Red Rooster five years ago.

“He heard this amazing voice singing a Janis Joplin cover so after the show Stuart approached her to join the band and she agreed,” said White. “Stuart discovered Joe on the Band Mix website. I (joined) by accident as Stuart put an ad in View magazine; I don’t usually read the classified section but for some reason that week I did and the rest is history.”

Now solidified, Mass Conception performs at least once a month and is looking forward to opening for Carole Pope on Nov. 2.

“People can expect us to give it our all,” said White. “We feel privileged to open for her and are big fans of her music.”

Practising weekly, the songwriting process continues.

“When the four of us get in a room together, the chemistry is undeniable and a certain magic happens,” explained White. “Usually Stuart brings a musical idea to one of the jams and each of us adds something to it and work on it until a song is born.”

Mass Conception continues to write while performing regularly around the local music scene.

For more information, visit - Burlington Post

"Unplanned Conception: Hamilton-Burlington band came together largely by chance"

The Hamilton Spectator
January 22, 2009

What: Mass Conception, with Hatchers Apartment

When: Tomorrow, 10 p.m.

Where: Boston Manor, 4460 Fairview St., Burlington

Cost: $5 at the door

Some bands are built from longtime friendships and high-school dreams of rock 'n' roll stardom. Others are knitted together in corporate offices.

And some bands are just built by chance. So it is with Mass Conception. The Hamilton-Burlington quartet began in the mind of bass player Carmine Lofaro. He was writing songs at home with the help of a drum machine. They were complex lyrically and he needed the right combination of musicians to make them whole.

Lofaro chanced upon Jill Macdonell singing at an open stage night at the Red Rooster in Burlington. He decided on the spot she was the voice.

"I just went up to her and told her 'I love your vocals. I've got a band I'm building and I'd love for you to front it,'" Lofaro says. "We had a few talks, started rehearsing and the next thing you know she was on board."

Macdonell started reworking the songs to match her voice. She has a restrained delivery, oozing sensuality, a style reminiscent of Cowboy Junkies' Margo Timmins. It matched the dark side of Lofaro's dark lyrics perfectly.

"Spiders in glass jars can't go far. It's like sitting here behind bars."

Lofaro found drummer Phil Capobianco through a classified ad. He added a new wave, garage sound to the songs. Through Capobianco, Lofaro found guitarist Fab Del Monaco to give the songs patterned melodies.

The four turned to Hamilton producer Bob Lanois to take control and blend in some sonic atmosphere. Last year, Mass Conception recorded a six-song EP, No Pun Intended. It's a fine debut, sophisticated but raw. Garage rock for smart people.

The band now has about a dozen original compositions and has been learning the art of performance. It's hit most of the Burlington clubs, the Red Rooster, the Blue Moon and, tomorrow, Boston Manor. The band has started to make a name in Toronto, playing three times at the Horseshoe. This summer, Mass Conception hopes to tour the northeast United States.
- The Hamilton Spectator

"hmm... Hamilton Men's Magazine Review"

hmm Rate: ****

Hamilton act Mass Conception dropped their second album recently "The Greatest Show Never Seen" distributed by Left Bank Records. The quartet made up of three guys and a female vocalist have created a 10-track retreat that captivates listeners with poetic lyrics and a savory rock sound. Carmine Lofaro on Bass is the band's head lyricist and lead vocals are by Jill Macdonell. The album seems to be a quest or a journey of sorts. "When Rocks Collide," "Pine Box" and lead track "Fall in Time" are lyrically deep leaving the listener to empathize with the pain in her voice and dyer situation. A heartfelt compilation that "Echoes" into the soul of its listeners. - Metroland Media Group Ltd.


"Greatest Show Never Seen" (2012)

1. Fall in Time
2. Gas
3. Echoes
4. Take a Sip
5. Shelter
6.When Rocks Collide
7. Losing You
8. Pine Box
9. In This Lifetime
10. Anymore

"No Pun Intended" EP (2008)

1. When Rocks Collide
2. In This Lifetime
3. Spiders
4. Losing You
5. Snippets
6. Pine Box



Envisioned by bassist Carmine Lofaro, Mass Conception officially formed in 2003 when Lofaro met guitarist Albie Flanagan and began writing songs with assertive, melodic bass lines, textured, rhythmic guitar riffs and thoughtful, introspective lyrics.

Lofaro found the voice for Mass Conception when he met Jill Macdonell at an open stage night at the Red Rooster Café in Burlington, Ontario. Macdonell’s raw, powerful vocal style perfectly suits the emotional content of the lyrics, while adding a new dimension of intensity and sensuality to the sound.

In 2008, Mass Conception teamed with world-renowned producer Bob Lanois to record a six-track EP entitled No Pun Intended. This ambitious effort captures the paradoxes of Mass Conception: it is complex but accessible, intelligent but raw, straightforward but hard to pin down. “A fine debut,” writes Graham Rockingham of The Hamilton Spectator, “Garage music for smart people.”

Later that year, drummer Phil Capobianco joined the band, having been found by Lofaro through a classified add in the newspaper. Capobianco’s drumming adds a dense, progressive energy to the band that has moved the sound in a more aggressive, post-punk, direction.

In 2009, guitarist Joe Cappadocia replaced Flanagan. Cappadocia’s style picks up the band’s textured, rhythmic approach but also engages a shimmering, modulated sound reminiscent of Johnny Marr and The Edge.

With their February 2012 release, "Greatest Show Never Seen," Mass Conception consolidates these new aspects with their signature sound. "Guitars, straight ahead vocals," writes Brent Chittenden on, "but with a subtle complexity."

Mass Conception plays regularly in the Hamilton-Burlington area. They opened for David Wilcox and Honeymoon Suite, and played It’s Your Festival 2008 at Gage Park. They are beginning to make their name in Toronto, most notably playing several times at the Horseshoe Tavern.

Mass Conception’s music has been played on McMaster University’s CFMU 93.3FM, Mohawk College’s INDIE 101 (101.5FM), and they have been featured on Hamilton’s Y108’s “Get Hammered” twice.