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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Up and Coming"

"Massive Habit (Old Pequliar) Massive Habit's lead man, Alex Watson, is a young guy just trying to make sense of this crazy world via charming electro-pop songs. In the song "Insane Asylum," for example, he sings, "Straightjacket not enough, my mind will fly away when it wants to/Leave the lights on, shut your eyes/But you will never hide from the ghost who haunts you," backed by an electronic and glittery They Might Be Giants-inspired pop sound reminiscent of Disney's Main street Electrical Parade. Live, Watson shoots and crawls all around the stage, becoming very convincing as he sings, "Stuck in a place that is not real/I must escape this insane asylum." Okay, so some songs are a little more crazy than they are charming, but all of 'em are pretty good." - Megan Seling

"D Parvez"

"Equal parts wistful and sincere without being cloying. Poppy and synthy without being dance music, the Renton trio has melded the early electronic sounds of the '80s with the lyrical sensibilities of Weezer. The ghost of Paul Simon is present in 'Santa Fe'." - 21 under 21

"Massive Habit"

"Massive Habit delivers a mellow, melodically pleasant, keyboard-driven version of rock that, to this middle-aged listener, re-visits the British and American folk music-with the help of high-tech computerized gadgetry. Alex's voice is clear and unafraid to challenge its upper range. For quick moments, he sounds like Paul Simon or Eddie Vedder-with flashes of Neil Young (go figure!). In "Insane Asylum," a paradoxically upbeat tune, Alex, who is quite animated AND introspective on stage sings, "I love to sing, I'm addicted to music/High and the low end, mid range use it." As we await the completion of the bands 11-song CD, I'm thinking this Massive Habit is a good thing." - Kenmar Bual

"NPN Recommends: Music"

I think it's been long enough since the dominance of grunge that people no longer make automatic assumptions about Seattle music. Still, for those stuck in the early nineties, this is your disclaimer. The local boys I'm going to showcase today don't wear flannels or play fuzzed out guitars. Still going strong after five years of playing the local underages scene, Massive Habit are unique. Alex Watson, their mastermind and primary creative force, is not afraid to embrace his sometimes loopy vocals. His keyboard parts dance about the rapidfire lyrics like witch doctors at a campfire. The electronic drums and eerily resonant production create a sound unlike any other. Though "Santa Fe" is my favorite, I can't help but make "Insane Asylum" your NPN Recommends track for the week. Get over to their download page and get hooked. - Mathew


Massive Habit -- The Gravity Transit

Various tracks are being streamed online, and some local stations have been playing songs before the album was out. First heard on kboo in Portland.


Feeling a bit camera shy


It all started in a familiar place with an unfamiliar sound, but Watson, Doolin, and Cords decided to bravely stick with it. Recently joined by Colin Burke, they have fulfilled their sound with live drums. Appealing to a wide range of listeners they have established a professional and solid ground. Live, Massive Habit sounds much larger than the usual four piece. With expressive gestures, Watson connects with the audience. His vocals are confident, sincere and lyrically astute; pointing out obvious occurrences in an unusual way. The unusual is commonplace for these young fellows. They write with the intent to dodge any particular genre of music while embracing many of there influences. Occasionally you may hear a few pop sounds of the 80's. With their distinct use of ghostlike instrumentation, categorization is difficult to find. The kinetic melodies are woven together creating a bizarre circus of sounds. Every song becoming a vibrant and frigid soundscape full of energy. They have played various areas around Seattle, including the sound off finals at EMP's Sky Church. The debut album "The Gravity Transit" was released near the end of 2006.