Mass Sky Raid

Mass Sky Raid


With a sound much reminiscent of acts including Dead Letter Circus and Thirty Seconds to Mars, Mass Sky Raid are a fresh & modern Alternative/Rock outfit from the Gold Coast, Australia.


"...this band has already assembled a confident, assured style which draws on the best of modern alternative rock and prog influences… "

- Peter Hodgson, Blunt Magazine

Fresh off the scene in 2011, Mass Sky Raid are a modern alternative rock band hailing from the Gold Coast, Australia. Their unique and non-linear approach to melodic and lyrical composition has given them an exciting and easily-accessible sound with universal and relative concepts and hooks.

With vocalist Adam Lomas and guitarist Alex Kewley having begun their musical relationship 3 years prior, the lineup for Mass Sky Raid was completed and the band under-way within only a matter of months, given the addition of drummer Reece Baines and bassist Cameron Dobinson.

Within six months of formation, Mass Sky Raid already had their sights set on jumping in the studio to record their debut EP; attracting the attention of Loose Stones Studios’ owner and producer Matt Bartlem in the process. Having been given the opportunity to work with the team at Loose Stones, in conjunction with Aria award-winning producer Forrester Savell and Grammy award-winning producer J.R. McNeely, has proven to be a valuable asset to the band’s ever-growing progress and sound.

Live, Mass Sky Raid pour their heart and soul into each of their respective performances; creating an on-stage production that not only entertains and amazes crowds of all demographics, but also sonically justifies the emotional impacts and intricacies present in their studio recordings.

With their debut EP 'Courage Under Fire' since been released, the journey for this 4 piece Gold Coast outfit has only just begun…


'Courage Under Fire' EP - 2013

Set List

Broken Wires
Courage Under Fire