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"Massyka' in the music biz"

Massyka, Michael DaCosta was born with music in his blood. He comes from a family that is heavily involved in music. His mother sings on the hotel circuit and other family members play musical instruments.

"I am not the average artiste. I try to do things different from how everyone else does it. I believe in what I do. Right now it's not about the fame and glamour of it, I do it for the love," he said.

Massyka, 26, is a budding artiste from Red Hills. He has been quietly making his mark, as he aims to carve a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Massyka's interest in music as a developed because of his work with established artistes including Alozade, Serani, Esco, Busy Signal and Sean Paul among others. Having started with Daseca, Massyka, went abroad with ambitions a burning desire to maximise his knowledge of his craft.

A few years later, armed with a bachelor's degree in video production, he returned to the 'Rock'.

"Since I returned I have been working on several projects, and also appeared on Beenie Man's Summer Sizzle, a show which I got favourable responses on," Dacosta told The Star.

A search on popular video website YouTube, echoed similar sentiments with comments such as "mad, nothing like what everyone else is doing. Solid performance".

Massyka is taking the time to grow in the business and sees himself going places.

"I will be going far with this. Music is a part of me, as an individual. I studied my craft, I am an artiste as well as a producer. What that does is give me the avenue to experiment and be creative, be different, and sometimes that's what takes you out of the pack," he said.

In the coming week, Massyka will be releasing a video medley featuring Esco, Alozade, Ceyon and Raw Raw on his new rhythm, The Warning/War Alert.

The Campion graduate, who fuses hip hop and dancehall for the perfect blend, said while his music is not yet mainstream, he gets favourable responses anywhere he goes.

"Yeah, man, the thing about it is that my music is not really popular yet but, it's been growing from strength to strength so, in due time, I will have a bigger following. Right now, though, the people who know Massyka, have been showing a lot of love," he pointed out.

"Mad respect to my co-producer, D.Vus, from the D&M Records label."

D&M is the driving force behind The Warning/War Alert rhythm.

Under the guidance of manager Joan E. Webley, Massyka is on the way to success.

"There is a team of us, who are working with Massyka and, with the volume of work that he has, the catalogue that he currently holds, my job is keep him focussed in this fast-paced industry while building a lasting image, not one that's here today, gone tomorrow," Webley said.
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Believe In You
Dreams of Tomorrow



Michael Dacosta, better known as the artiste/producer Massyka, developed his musical talent as a teen growing up in Kingston, Jamaica listening to the clashes and sound system tapes of Bass Oddesey, Stone Love, Metromedia, Black Kat, Super D and Silver Hawk just to name a few. This experience was influential in forming his concept of the Jamaican dancehall.

Massyka developed his song writing skills when he purchased his first album Buju Banton’s “Voice of Jamaica”. He would continuously play the songs, write down the lyrics and recite them as well. He did this process until he memorized the whole album and mastered his craft.

His performance skills came naturally, and he further developed them by performing at high schools, stage shows and house parties alongside some of Jamaica’s most popular artistes. It was at one of these performances that he was discovered by the members of DASECA productions in 2000. They invited him to work with them on their first album, self-titled “DASECA”, which was released in 2001. He recorded seven songs and wrote lyrics for a few others such as “Song of the Year” and “World War 3” featuring Calico.

The DASECA project took off and soared in Jamaica but by this time Massyka had left the island to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in video production, in Minnesota. Massyka saw for a vision for himself and was determined to widen the foundation from which he would draw and enhance his musical output. While in Minnesota he built up a steady performance schedule and expanded his reach to New York and Florida.

In 2007, Massyka returned to Jamaica and continued to pursue his music career. By this time he had become a multi-talented genius with the skills of a producer, songwriter, deejay, videographer and graphic artist.

Since his return he has focused on his work as a producer and has produced songs such as “Stupid Things We Do” and “Chain” by Holokast of the 13th Tribe. The recent release of the anticipated “War Alert” riddim featured performances from Esco, Raw Raw, Ceyon to name a few and is just the first of many impacts scheduled for 2010.

When he touches the mic, the results are stellar! In 2008 he appeared on “Dead Man Walking” featuring Jah Doctrine which went to #5 on the Bahamas Hot Ones Charts in the Bahamas. In 2009, while placing the final touches to his soon to be released debut album, Massyka made several apparances some of which included “Champions in Action” and “Beenie Man’s Summer Sizzle”. Performing his new songs to hundreds of people, Massyka received tremendous support from his fans and is now more confident than ever that the time is right, the planning is over and that you will become familiar with the music behind his name.

Massyka’s style can be described as a blend of dancehall, reggae and hip hop however he considers himself a dancehall artiste. He explains that deejaying on a hip hop beat is what he enjoys the most as he loves the fusion of both genres of music.

So what’s next for this artiste? 2010 is the launching pad for a musical revolution. Massyka is to release his debut single “Pusher” later this month and a series of releases throughout the year from his breakthrough album. Touring dates and local performances are to be announced shortly. Can’t wait? Check out his website at to review the War Alert medley video, preview new releases, watch performances and so much more. As Massyka looks towards the future he sets his sights on becoming a household name.