Evol Genius

Evol Genius

 Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA
BandAlternativeHip Hop

You can either get on board with Evol Genius or wish you had...


Welcome to Evol Genius!, the original “Street Rock” group, an emerging genre pioneered by accomplished Vocalist/Writer/Producer, Marz . Based out of Alb. NM Evol Genius was assembled in 2009 by Marz, MC/Writer Jas, Drummer Riley and a DJ that goes by OddJob. Within a year’s time, Evol Genius has infiltrated the industry without trepidation leaving a lasting impression on today’s musical landscape and garnering the allegiance of their fan base, known as Evol G’s. Armed with a vast arsenal of groundbreaking and diverse songs, an explosive live show and unflappable work ethic, it is easy to see why Evol Genius is seen as one of today’s most influential talents. Concerned more with quality music and making “real fans” rather than getting caught up in the faceless rat race that internet promotion has become, Evol Genius has taken an old school approach to their promotion. By keeping it in the streets and on people tongue’s, Evol Genius has created a much larger fans base and buzz than what is reflected on the internet alone, proof when they moved 1000 copies of there ShortBus mixtape in just 2 weeks, with nothing more than word of mouth for advertisement. The industry has long awaited a fresh and unique take on the generic and massed produced music that has flooded the airwaves and with the rising popularity of Evol Genius… the industry has just found its champion to usher in a new era of music.


(Black Man Mini Van - mixtape 10-1-09. 500 copies moved), (ShortBus - mixtape 2-15-10. 1000 copies moves) (Self Titled EP 5-1-10 currently moving as many units as can be printed) and 1 untitled, unreleased full length Album currently being shopped.