Da Prolific

Da Prolific

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"Your whole album couldn't mess with our promo the Jerry West of rap ya'll should turn us to the logo" Our music is reflective of the Seventh Wonder swift current delivery once you hear it you are swept away.


The MasterPeace is a society of elite emcees with lyrical prowless from Niagara Falls and Buffalo, NY. Our lyrics are influenced by everyday life and conjurs the feeling of cutting edge Hip-Hop.

What sets us apart from other artists is the passion to make classic material that will forever remain relevant & to one day serves as ambassador's to the culture of hip-hop. Just as some of the pioneers before us. The masterpeace society formed in early 1999 as a group of students at Niagara County Community College. The unique thing about these M.C.'s were thier amazing versitility.


Compliments of Da Prolific (LP), No Chain Necessary(EP), MP'z 8 track Banger Promotional Mix-Tape!

Set List

Cocoa Butter, No Chain Necessary, Crossingover, Move, and Grizzly. Typical set is about 15 minutes.