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I Got To- Single- Played on Fresh FM, BCB & Sunrise Radio
In The Dirt EP



Rahul Sabbarwal was born and raised in Nottingham. Growing up to a middle class family, his mother, a reputable mental health social worker supported him and his family. Rahul's father, an ex-doctor was never around as he was an alcoholic.

Rahul was one of only three Asian/black boys within his year at his local school- Arnold Hill suffered extreme racism and bullying because of his ethnicity. From being beaten up every day for being the only 'black' kid in his year to racial taunts Rahul's childhood was not how it should be for a child. This led to him not getting the best grades for his GCSEs and disappointing his family. He re-sat his exams and managed to improve his grades slightly, but then faced trouble overcoming the racism and trauma he suffered around his childhood. This led to him getting into trouble with the police and being involved with the wrong crowd.

Rahul soon found salvation in music. He then began to start writing lyrics about what he had been through and aimed to be a freedom fighter/rapper. Rahul started making songs and instrumentals so that people wouldn't have to go through what he had at the hands of corruption and racism. His tracks were number six, seven, and 16th in the UK MySpace Charts. After deciding to study in Bradford, he moved to West Yorkshire. Rahul started visiting local studios, doing youth work around the Leeds area and was eventually was spotted by Dance/Bassline Vocal Star- Tom Zanetti. Tom Zanetti supported Rahul by featured on Rahul's, Music Time DVD. This gave Rahul a name within West Yorkshire and the music scene.

Rahul then began work as a solo artist. He opened up M.R.S. Records (Money Running Slumdog Records) a record label with the aim of being a community organisation and event promotion company. He felt that for the bad deeds he had done, he needed to give back to the community. Rahul and friends shot a music video in November called 'I Got To' which was about crime, drugs and life. The track was extremely popular, starting with the lyrics ‘I’ve got to make a change’. From November 2009 until now, the music video has been number seven on Sky Digital TV Channel AKA. The track and other mix tapes released gained him huge followings in the Hip Hop/Rap underground scene within West Yorkshire.

Rahul's success continued when he gained the support of Bradford Enterprise College after his label won 'Best Business Idea' competition in December 2009. Rahul's dream became a reality when M.R.S Records became a registered business and netted various club deals to have the artists of the label perform at their clubs. Then at the end of 2009, Rahul’s mix tape, In the Dirt, was played on

BIB, Galaxy, Sunrise, and Fresh FM, within the UK. After this Rahul was spotted by ACA Records and he received a music publication deal to sell his music in online stores. Rahul was spotted by Street Time, a management organisation, who later became Rahul's management team. They advised him to maximise his career options and keep music as a back up.

Rahul decided that to complement his music career he would study for a Level 3 Travel and Tourism at College – something he also enjoyed. He studied hard and got high grades. He is now studying for a Management Degree.

Rahul's success continued as he entered an American competition to have his track 'Dead Feeling' featured on an album in the US. Out of more than a million applicants he won the competition and he was featured over in America on the Showcase 58 Album by

After this success Rahul began supporting local talent and artists by getting them featured spots in the clubs he performed at alongside him, giving something back to the community, and supporting new artists. He signed two young stars to help get their music released - Hannah Beth and Lethal. These young hopefuls are being tipped to be big stars in the UK music scene. Locally, Rahul's success has also got him the attention of the Telegraph and Argus newspaper with his music videos and his commitment to make a difference in the community.

Rahul now wants to run workshops to give people the same opportunities that young people have in London here in West Yorkshire to tackle issues such as crime, drugs, alcohol, and fraud. Rahul thinks that music workshops and video workshops would be a great way to do this and is looking into funding avenues.

Alongside this, Rahul is continuing to run his record label and his own career with seven music videos planned this year, including videos for Electro Theme and Superstar.

Rahul turned his life from a life of crime to a life of rhyme. His story is truly inspirational to everybody and shows that anything can be accomplished, no matter what, if you put your mind to it.