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Master's Voice

Band Christian Gospel


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The best kept secret in music


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"Heaven On My Way" - 2006
"By Request" - 2004
"I'm Gone" - 2002



Fifteen years ago, two young boys in high-school, during one of their all-night talks, shared how much fun it would be if they were able to sing together in a group one day. Though a lot of those "talks" were bent around pretending to know about girls and sports, it was those nights they tried to envision traveling together that they really remember. Little did they know that just a few years later, the Lord would see fit for those dreams to become reality. John Tidwell and Ricky Capps grew up together, are cousins, best friends and in December of 1995, they became ministry partners as Master's Voice was born.
Now, eleven years later, what seemed to have started by accident, has proved to be a fruitful ministry that God ordained before time began. "Our heart's desire has become our calling, and I don't think we'll ever get over that," Ricky said, "that will never become ordinary."

John is married to a wonderful woman, Jessica, and has one of the best-looking boys in the world, Brooks. John says, "I love my wife and son more than anything in this world. Her calling is just as important as mine, and the fact that she is capable and willing to be both mother and father when I am away, amazes me." There is no doubt that the Lord has blessed John's life beyond measure. Not only does he have a loving wife, and a son who won't quit smiling, but he is definitely the face of the group. "John loves people, and that is evident in everything he does.... from singing, to ....the guy has a 3rd degree black belt in ministry," Ricky said.

Ricky says, "It is impossible for a woman to support me and my ministry more than my beautiful bride." Ricky' s wife, Sheena, has enhanced his ministry in every single way a person can. "I don t know if she really realizes what she's gotten herself into, though she promises me she does; but regardless, if anyone can handle such a daunting task, I know my girl can." She will have plenty of laughs to lighten her load, as Ricky is constantly making everyone he comes in contact with enjoy life from a comedic point of view. In addition to all of the smiles, he provides the team with a passionate drive to see people saved. Ricky is a tenor with outstanding range and capability, but most importantly he is the nuts and bolts that hold Master s Voice together and makes it work.

Master's Voice is immensely thrilled to have added a pianist to their team, David Herring from Seneca, Missouri. At 18, no kidding, David is already establishing himself as a mainstay in the industry. "The kid can play. There is no doubt about that. He could play anywhere he wants, and the fact that he wants to play for the Lord is all the more encouraging, and we are so glad we have him," John said. Several tags have been placed upon David, from "prodigy" to "a natural," but after spending any time with him at all, the word "servant" would be the most fitting.

The newest member to Master s Voice is Drew Curtis who sang 5 years with a group called Christlike. "Drew is the vocal equivalent of a stick of dynamite," Ricky said. There is never going to be any question that Drew was born to sing. There are several comparisons made when people hear Drew, but Master s Voice is confident that it won t be long before people recognize there is no comparison. He s a hard worker, and he is walking with a fresh anointing on his life. It is impossible for Drew to do anything without an enormous amount of passion, and that is most evident when he is behind the mic. "Ricky and I wanted someone as passionate as we are, and we knew Drew could sing, but when we talked with him and understood fully that the guy wanted to see lost souls saved, and the church edified, we immediately thanked the Lord for yet another blessing," John said.

The heart of Master s Voice will always be focused on loving people. We want to see lives changed. The consensus of the group is: if they are going to leave their wives, home church and family, it has to be for something that counts. They are a full-time