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im know as a boy who never gives up and keeps trying alot and basicly i been on alot of stations radio wise and who can good to the extreme as musically extreme as possible i been studying the history of music and learing how to use the power of music the right way i am strong and I will never give up and I WILL LIVE MY DREAM, i was number 3 in knoxville idol and made straight A's threw high school as a music nerd but really i love to make music and to make a great wild extremely good empression on the music side.



In 1985 MasterX was born at the name of Howard Thomas Micheal Jones a young kid who had alot of talents was told that he maybe never live,speak,walk,and think properly like the normal people.Well guess they were right and wrong.The right was he doesnt think like everybody else,he thinks deeper.The wrong is basicly everything else,cause now soon a new age artist will be born no longer until 1997 when he discovered the fact he would like to make music, but wasn't sure after 5 to 6 rock bands,3 Hip Hop tracks and only one played on radio called MissSexyTeen USA and they only played it in college radio stations,he sang country songs,basicly a little of every thing,and that all lasted until 1999 when he discovered a style called GmX.Thats was the time when He met a man name Seva of Soundcurrent Mastering which he is a great sound engineer that is very intersted in his music and he teaches him about the business here on and out.In years of 2000-2004 MasterX has great success with his music,with his managing,and with his producing.In 2005 MasterX songs goes up to number one and 6 in the uk on the dance/eletronic charts again w/out a record ideal!!!what is his next move?story countines.........