I am a new and upcoming techno artist. My goal is to get you up and make you dance! I simply like to have fun and just expirement with new beats and movements. I take sounds and various clippings and put them together to create an ultimate sound experience.


I started making music after a summer of hosting a French foreign exchange student; I was 17 at the time. I have always had a love for techno and dance music, so when he shared some French techno with me I began to dream about making my own music. After a week or so I also learned that the student was a dj for his small parties that only his friends went to. I then realized that it was possible to make music. I began searching for any kind of music production software. The first few I found turned out to be not so good, but I didn’t give up. After a few more months I hit the jackpot! I discovered Sony Acid, a wonder of music production software. I experimented with it and quickly learned all the tricks. After making my first song I showed it off to some friends. All of them loved it; they all said I should make a cd, so I did. I have come a long way since making my first song, and I hope to go a lot further!


Expirements of a SOUND