Maston & Friends

Maston & Friends


Maston's music is soulful, energetic, positive, and often described as 'timeless'. Maston's music artistry appeals to a wide audience and with several albums to his credit, his talent shines through in every performance.


Maston Walker has been writing, performing, and inspiring audiences in Texas and across the country for awhile now. A Louisiana native surviving up in Dallas, he was recording an album for Case records and preparing for a tour in Japan when the label folded. It was these circumstances that started the last part of his journey that brought him back to Houston.

After the label went bust he continued playing as the MTWB band and released his first solo album, "Fly", which was released in Dallas and Houston. With band members Stacy Steele, Randy St. John, Joey Otto and good friend and manager Mr. Brent Collins another album was recorded and released under the band name “Mind Body Soul”. From there he found his way back to Louisiana performing as "Maston" where his second album, "The Dancer" was released.

He came back to Houston when his longtime friend, drummer, and only permanent band member, Randy St. John asked him to play at his wedding. Three years later he is still here. One of the coolest things about making Houston his home again it has brought about the lifelong dream of being able to create and perform with his son Micah.

His latest release "Tampering with the Laws of Goodness", recorded with Ty Taber of King's X, and is continuing to fulfill his musical dream. Songs such as "Take it Slow" and "Couch Tune" are crowd favorites that are gaining notice and rave reviews across the country.

His live shows pull from his life experiences and music that has been created throughout his life. He hopes to inspire audiences to not give up and believe in their hopes and dreams.

"This peculiar brilliant solo artist paints beautiful songs of strength and peace. You can see the music.", was how one fan described Maston's work while introducing someone to "the following".

Being inspired by influences such as Zeppelin, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, P-Funk and The Doobie Brothers, Maston and Friends is preparing to go back into the studio to give us a new set of songs that will raise the bar once more for all of us. They will inspire us to love, challenge us to live our lives, share those experiences with our loved ones and most of all NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

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