Rhythmic, synth-and-awe rock with a classic foundation. powerful example of South American cool – borrowing from both continents with a sense of the classic and psychedelic, their sound manages to be fresh and clean with elements of edge and grit dirtying up gorgeous harmonies


Mataplantas translates to Plant Butchers in English. The group, out of Buenos Aires, has a sound equal parts retro pop, garage, and indie rock and they deliver shimmying-worthy songwriting to legions of dancing fans. Vocal harmonies, samples and keys add layers of infectious melody to the classic rhythms that make the crowd do Argentine versions of the twist and the swim. It’s too hard not to move like a 60s dance scene when the beat is based on “ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh, ah-ah.”
Pablo de Caro, Pablo Malaurie, Maximiliano García, and Nazareno Gil grew up together and have played as a proper band since they were teenagers. “Escape del Planeta Vivente,” was released on EMI in November 2008, following up 2006’s “Hickie,” off their own imprint Matarex and “El Sueño Del Hombre Pulpo” released in 2005 on Warner Music. They’ve recently begun work on a follow up to the 2009 LP that took them to New York for the first time and gave them an opportunity to explore new territory with produced tracks weaving into live performance, with new toys and a fresh outlook. The band explored Manhattan and Brooklyn from their base in the Lower East Side, playing shows that left them wanting more New York City. Meanwhile, singer and guitarist Pablo Malaurie embarked on a tour of Europe to support his solo effort, “El Festival del Beso,” exposing his excellent record to fans across the continent before rejoining his band mates for the next chapter of Mataplantas back in Argentina.


El Sueño del Hombre Pulpo (2005. Warner Music / Isopo discos)

Hickie (2006. Ultrapop / Matarex)

Escape del planeta viviente (2008. EMI / MataRex)

Set List

it depends on the environment. We are very receptive to what happens at that time.