New York City, New York, USA
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Hip Hop with a refreshing, yet evolving sound that reels you in....


Match McKenzie is a rapper/songwriter/producer and humanitarian. Match, is a moniker taken because of its symbolic meaning i.e. fire, competition, and inspiration; and McKenzie, is in honor of a deceased childhood friend, it acts as a reminder to Match to “Carpe Diem” – seize the day – and live each day to its fullest.  Match hails from St. Christopher Nevins (St. Kitts), British West Indies.  He has lived in London, Germany, and all over the US.  His music draws from many places, sounds, and spaces and is often motivated by his meek beginnings.  “We lived in the slums in a shed, …I’m not afraid of hard work, it was hard work that turned that shed into a house.” Match has put hard work into his craft and has collaborations with the likes of Jeezy, Loaded Lux and the Coke Boys.  

History and circumstance weigh heavily in Match’s transition from collaborative artist to center stage. Armed with powerful, infectious lyrics, this St. Kitts native is prepared to inspire and ignite perspectives.  Love, Loss, & Life are all musical pieces that come together under his artful mastery. Textures, tones and cadences are evolved and musically expanded by Miami’s underground go-go beat, heavy drums, electronic sounds, reggae, and future soul reminiscent of Match’s idols Andre 3000, Nirvana, and Buju Bantan. 

In a world heavy with redundancy Match McKenzie is a flame that stands apart - a phoenix rising to share epic themes and ideals. With a raw flow addressing modern-day challenges, he ignites imaginations with captivating stories and rhymes over virtually any type of beat; making Match – UnMatched.

Set List

The Choice, What If, Shots Fired, My View, U Da Type, One Time, Bad Gyal, A1 Perico,Watch How I Kill This Shit,10 20 50 Hundred, Fight The Power