Matches For Memories

Matches For Memories


Energetic, Heartfelt, Alternative Rock- With Intense Drumsbeats, Swift Basslines, Raucous Guitars, Soaring Vocals, & Energy To Spare. Matches For Memories Evokes A Much Needed Turn In Modern Alternative With Lessons Well .... Or Not So Well Learned From Life. Either Way, A MUST SEE!!!!


Music That Matters.

Formed in late 2006, Matches For Memories came from a need. That need was nothing more than to make music that actual meant something more than the pop nothingness that fills the airwaves these days. Singer/Lyricist-Andrew Clary, Bassist-Chuck Medlin, Drummer-JP Patterson, & Guitarist-Ryan Sims are all friends that somehow found a way to keep a pop sensability without sugar coating the facts that life gives.


All influences that are just a small portion of what makes this band who they are. With a live show that has been described as "ridiculously energetic", these guys come to entertain and they always deliver. From South Carolina festival madness to Austin, Texas Red River insanity, you've never seen or heard anyone quite like Matches For Memories.


Matches For Memories - EP

Set List

Stitch Up Your Heart
Andy, I Have Loved
A Victim Of Love & Circumstance
From The Start Until Now
Wake Up Boy, It's Over
There Is Hope
Save Your Eyes
Straight Faced & So Committed
The Struggle

Sets are anywhere from 30mins.-1 1/2 hrs.