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Match Party


Match Party is a hodgepodge of all things rock. We do not stick to any specific genre or try to fit any criteria. We write solid, powerful songs with no format or style restrictions in mind, and play solely from the heart. Where our instruments take us from there could be anywhere at all.


Match Party is a band based out of New Jersey/Metropolitan Area. The band consists of three members: Adrian, Shawn, Aris. The concept has been in existence since 1993, when founder, Adrian Spoleti, asked a friend of his, Steve Petras, who was the bass player for seminal local band I.D.K. at the time, to form Match Party. The name for the band came out of a newspaper article depicting how orphans and families wanting to adopt children would come together in casual gatherings, coining the phrase "Match Parties".

After many lineup changes over the years, the current trio has been together since the summer of 1999. Recording of their first CD ensued a year later, in the heat of a small studio at 325 Pacific Street in Paterson, NJ. The resulting debut EP, "Open Hand" was officially released on November 14, 2001.

After playing shows around the area in support of "Open Hand", Match Party took a break from gigging to direct all of their focus on songwriting. They spent months creating with one another, yielding positive results, and attempted to take their new music to the public. A string of bad shows followed--everything from being cut off after two songs due to terrible booking to PA's cutting out to being stopped so a cover band could hog the stage and make the club owner some fast cash was thrown into their laps. They decided to regroup in the comfort and seclusion of their practice space, and the connection they made as a result of sheer frustration was stronger than ever, which reflected in massive amounts of songwriting that covered the entire landscape of rock music.

In February of 2004, the group began recording its follow-up, this time with the intent of releasing a full-length album. Their producer, Rich Sarnicola of the band Heterogene, took them on a completely different journey than the one they took with the debut EP, having them track separately rather than live in the same room, and recording them in multiple locations. Everyone involved learned a tremendous amount about their individual and collective techniques and passions for music. More important than anything, the resulting product was something that all parties involved were extremely proud to attach their names to.

The twelve-song, hour-long album was titled "We Can Go Where We Wish". The title is taken from lyrics to its sixth track, "In Time". Both of these titles represent the hope that Match Party never lost and the perseverance to succeed on their own terms, which they thrive upon. The album itself takes its listener on multiple journeys and induces several moods during its sixty-minute playback time. It properly captures Match Party's mission statement that people can in fact go where they wish if they never give up on themselves, and that they can use setbacks as motivation for future strengths. "We Can Go Where We Wish" was officially released on July 7, 2006.



Written By: Match Party


Don't expect him to tell you his philosophy
Don't expect him to tell you what forever means
Don't expect him to tell you what you want to hear
He can see through your eyes
And the very center of your soul

Sound...Ground…We all fall down
Sound...Ground…We all fall down
Sound...Ground…We all fall down
Sound...Ground…We all fall down

Don't expect him to tell you all his fears
Don't expect he'll sell himself to your tears
Don't expect he is the man that you think
Wipe that shame from your eyes
Or you'll always do what you are told

Repeat Chorus

I Don't Remember Anything

Written By: Match Party

"I Don’t Remember Anything"

I never felt a love as cruel as this love
I never felt a lust as cruel as this lust
I never heard truth as cruel as this truth
I've never known a lie as good as this lie
I never felt a pain as cruel as this pain
I never felt shame as cruel as this shame
I've never known a world as cruel as this world
I've never known a world as cruel as this world

I probably will never meet the man who put me on this land and said
Only the strong survive
The weak will die I cried
I shouldn't have to survive
And I feel like I've lost
And I must have been tossed
Like some dice in a game
Without no one to blame
And I feel so ashamed of the person I am
Won't you please take my hand
Get me out of this land
I never learned how to cry
I never learned how to fly
I never learned how to swim
I never learned anything

Can you ever love me?
Can you ever love me?
Can you ever love me?
Can you ever love me?
And I'm just a fool
Singing this stupid tune
Get me out of this room
I feel so out of tune

I never really meant to be here at all


Written By: Match Party


I remember days in school
When we would talk in rooms with drums and trumpets
I looked into your brown eyes
And clearly saw your soul, so overwhelming
Walking you home in the winter, 1991
So warm and silent
Your angelic appearance amongst the pure white snow
I'll never forget

I see the picture as it slowly fades
But in my vision you will still remain
My way, your way, which way, no way

I knew one day this would end, my tender loving friend
And we would part ways
Memories of child-like days and moments that we shared
Is all we'll have left
And so, last day had arrived
The tears were in my eyes, but faced them bravely
But the gift you gave to me for Graduation Day
I will not forget

Repeat Chorus

Elena! Elena! Elena! Elena!



"Open Hand" EP, released in November 2001

"We Can Go Where We Wish" LP, released in July 2006

Set List

Match Party's set list varies from show to show. We primarily focus on combinations of songs from both of our official releases, changing the order and song selection with each performance. We almost always leave a bit of room for experimentation in the form of lengthening recorded songs or road-testing new ones. A typical set is usualy 45 minutes long, but we have played for up to two hours at select gigs. Songs that have become fan favorites are the anthematic "Swing", the airy "Three Girls", the punk-tinged "In Time" and the unreleased "Moments".