Mat Cole

Mat Cole

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Introspective electric soul artist that incorporates evocative lyrics into elements of funk, jazz and rock-n-roll.


Singer and songwriter Mat Cole is a Chicago native. The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of diverse musical influences.

In a sea of uniform talent, Mat is establishing his name by creating a new sound that sets him apart from other urban and soul artists.

Perfecting his craft has become his life's work. Mat Cole delivers a hybrid of the sultry tones of soul and the edge of alternative rock. His natural versatility is beyond expressive bringing words to life with his voice. Mat is currently working towards completing his EP that will be released this summer.


What's the Move
Me & You

Set List

The length of the set is contingent upon the venue. Longer sets typically include original work in addition to covers that are tailored to the audience.