mat eiland

mat eiland


a subtle fusion of improvisational jazz, indie rock, and acoustic soul.


Mat Eiland
A brief autobiography

“ I started my musical adventure in the black forests of Southern Germany. I was a military brat who moved around frequently. To curb the overwhelming loneliness that this type of lifestyle evokes, my mother and father made sure I always had access to some type of musical instrument. Between the ages of 6 and 14, I switched between piano, guitar, and saxophone while singing with the songs on the radio ( Sting and Prince were my childhood idols). Around the age of 15, I hocked my saxophone to buy a bass. My main goal at the time was to get in a band and hang out with girls. I figured that the bass only had four strings, so it must be easy to play. From the first pluck, I was hooked. At the same time, I was being influenced by such innovators as Kim Deal, Les Claypool, Flea, and Paul McCartney.
The first noteworthy group I was involved in was a band called Weak Old Rice. As with many high school dreamers, I skipped school, drank alcohol, and played music without a care in the world. It wasn’t until three years later that I had my first introduction to the music of Jaco Pastorious and Stanley Clarke. Every bass player that has heard these players had two choices, either quit playing entirely, or try to figure out what the hell they were doing. I chose the latter, and that choice led me six months later to the Shenandoah Music Conservatory. There, I majored in Commercial music with a Jazz Performance minor. The five years spent there exposed me to many types of music and musicians. Also during this time, I co-founded EHP Productions, and the progressive rock band BOUD DEUN.
There was an advertisement for a bass player into the Mahavishnu Orchestra, King Crimson, Yes, and Naked City. Although the average radio rocker wouldn’t know these groups from gurus, these were the exact influences I was looking for. So I joined and spent the early to mid 90's playing every weekend to knowledge hungry kids at coffeehouses, and middle aged progressive rock aficionados in smoky nightclubs. I also played with such icons as Aquarium Rescue Unit, Gong, and the Dismemberment Plan. But as many bands before us, we suffered from major artistic differences and eventually disbanded in the Fall of 1997. Since then, I graduated from college and joined United Airlines. I figure I need to see the world while I was still young, and at some point I would return for another try. During this time, I honed my skills as a composer, slowly evolved from bass player, to musician. I later took a job in book publishing to make the ends meet, and began to gradually purchase my home studio. During this time, I lent my services as studio musician and live performer to such bands as Thinking Out Loud, Tengo Ongo, and Nefrit El-Or. I completed the following solo albums "now"(2004), "we" (2006), "nomads in the rain" (2007), and will be releasing "lullabies for butterflies" in sept 2007. I believe these new compositions encompass my musical voyage through life, and are only seeds of a forest yet to come.


tv babies

Written By: mat eiland

little child crawl 2 me
let me take your right 2 see
come and let me think 4 you
generation X is a petting zoo
don't steer your eyes away
don't go outside and play
there's plenty 2 see today
sit and let me wash your mind away.

look at me mom, I'm a child of the tv

look at rerun boogie down the yellow brick road
the time goes fast as your brain turns 2 jello.
see the puppeteer as he pulls the magic strings
see the green devil as he stretches out his wings.
eyes of wonder, feet of clay
talking pictures with nothing 2 say
you think you're wise
and you think you're brave
but who is the master
and who is the slave of the

look at me mom, i'm a child of the tv.


Written By: mat eiland

maybe the walls
are just 2 tall
with so many holes
that i cant see
but i feel my soul is leaking
day by day, week by week
maybe my heaven's in free fall, onto a cold reality
and i hear the bitter wind still calling me...
i've changed, you changed the worlds the same but something's different.
are we just shadows of a life that we once knew?
i've changed, you've changed and the world is just a little older
i think it's time 4 something new.

I'm like a plant without the sun
sweating in air that weighs a ton
the kind that can slowly suffocate you when you breathe.
you're like a hole without a nail.
but you still feel the hammer when it fails
the kind that can break your heart when you find whats underneath.
I've changed, you've changed, the world's the same but something's different.
maybe the dreams alive but simply out of view?
i've changed, you've changed and the world is just a little older.
i think it's time 4 us 2 be
what we were always
always meant 2 be....


Now (2004)
Nomads in the rain (2007)
lullabies for butterflies (release date: sept 2007)

Set List

one to two 45 minute sets featuring music from 4 albums, along with tracks from an upcoming spring 2007 release. a third set consisting of covers from grateful dead, lenny kravitz, ani difanco, jeff buckley, and more is possible if needed.