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Mateo Luka, a Rhode Island based pop/rock band formed in 2002, has made quite an impact in a relatively short time. They jumped headfirst, so to speak, only two months after forming and entered into a prestigious talent contest held at the Sheridan Hotel in Manhattan. They took third place in the adult performing arts category and were the only music act to make the finals.

The past 2 years have consisted of non-stop accomplishments. After the completion of their debut album, "Love in a Tornado", they soon found themselves in a whirlwind of local media attention due to the fact that after their submission to the national academy of recording arts and sciences committee, more commonly known as the Grammy's, they received 9 Grammy considerations in 7 different categories, including:

-Album of the Year- "Love in a Tornado"
-Record of the Year- "I Can be the One"
-Song of the Year- "I Can be the One" and "When I Think of You"
-Best New Artist- Mateo Luka
-Best Pop Performance- "Just a Girl" and "Coffee And..."
-Best Pop Vocal Album- Love in a Tornado
-Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals- "Take Me"

Local media took notice! Mateo Luka has had many articles written about their accomplishments in small town weekly newspapers and monthly journals, right up to Rhode Island's largest daily circulation newspaper, the Providence Journal. The three page article was called "Eye on the Grammy". The band received radio plugs on prominent stations in Connecticut, WPLR and Rhode Island, 93.3 Coast. Most impressive were the two local ABC and NBC news broadcasts covering the progress of the band pertaining to the Grammy's. On both occasions, the story was aired at prime time. The viewership was amazing and the trickle-down effect created quite a buzz.

The band has since launched a nationwide promotional campaign, including national distribution and nationwide airplay on several prominent radio stations (see sidebar). In late 2006, they recieved a prestigious award in the form of a nomination for New Music Weekly's Breakout artist of the year for 2006.

The band pride themselves on musicianship. They use all real instruments while implementing technology sparingly. Instruments range from full percussion, drums, 5 string bass, electric, classical, resonator, and acoustic 12 string guitars, mandolin, melodica, traditional piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond organ, and even bagpipes. They have become quite astute at recording these natural instruments.

Mateo Luka's live performance is as dynamic as its recordings. At one glance, you know that Mateo Luka is not your run of the mill band. On stage, you would see two large screen TV's, cameras on cleverly placed tripods to capture each band member's expressiveness on screen, an elaborate lighting system, and also a grand piano covered with newspaper clippings to create quite a visual spectacle. The band's music is enhanced throughout their live show by utilizing an artistic video production which correlates with each song. Like their songs, some of the video productions have an elaborate storyline while others simply give you a taste of what the song is about.

The theory behind the band's attention to detail and elaborate setup is simple. Provide an awesome show, perform the music well, and be sincere in how you express yourself on stage and the audience will appreciate what you've given them and the audience will leave that venue knowing that the band gave their all to entertain them.


Love in a Tornado
Airport Moment (EP)