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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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CD release of "Back On Solid Ground" at the end or 2005. You will hear the new Mateo singles "Set It Off" and "J's Up" hittin' the airways real soon.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Similar to his biblical birth name...Matthew, one of the famous gospels from the good book. Grew up on the spanish side of the renaissance city b.k.a "dA BrIcKz" kid. Not one of the easiest places to raise youngins' but paramount for shaping the mind of a future star. Known for the reputation as the stolen wip capital and bordered the murder rate capital, you could guess what the kid has seen and heard in the night hours. But young Mateo dared to differ from his peers to show the world that gangbangin', pimpin', sippin' and thuggin' is cool if you into that, but its also not that bad to be you. Always thought to be the shy one of the family, but known for his explosive talent at the same time. Started out rappin to hisself using words that most kids his age cared less to dig out their bag of lyrics. About 3 years ago met up with other local talent through management aquaintances and formed the group, "the SENATE", which later changed the name to "the PAC", which consisted of 4 members which i dare to say the world will be hearing from real soon. Young Mateo knew he had a good thing goin for himself at home but somethin was missing. Offers from colleges and potential record deals wasn't enough to say he was done with livin up to that point. Left home when he was about 17 to see the world as we know it, and found more than what he expected, ups, downs, haters, fakes, crooked jakes, and confronted by the biggest gang of 'em all!!! (No Further Comment). Having traveled half the world in a mere 180 days (187 days and 18 hrs to be exact), he's learned that life is more than what he left back at home...more like a test u take over and over again that gets harder before it gets easier to pass. Using negatives to create positives throughout his experiences, Mateo has grown to be somethin bigger than what came from Brenda's ( His Moms) belly. Here today for your listening pleasure, (all ages) i present to you...Mateo Mblem..."the Symbol"

"So many people tell me how much they appreciate the fact that i go out of my way to keep it 'pg-6' with the content, but manage to still keep it street. That alone tells me that my music has the potential to reach all walks of life, not necessarily for selling puposes, but more on the inspirational side.You hear the same old stoies time and time again of kids growing up in the system and all of a sudden discovering their 'hidden' talents...well what separates myself from most is I didn't ask to do what i do. One time at a club in Vancouver, I was put on a stage by this local DJ who heard me rap on the street. He said he liked the fact that i didn't cuss back at this guy especially because he had his kids with him. He invited me there, never told me what he was up to, and by the end of the night he dropped a old moob deep track off 'Hell on Earth' and I ripped! The crowd went stupid, everybody was asking who I was, where I was from, how did I know the DJ, and how and when they could check for me the next time I was in town. Pretty crazy!