Mateo Medina

Mateo Medina

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Grammy Winning Legend, Herb Powers, Jr. describes Mateo and his music as the "Young new artist with a winning sound, great for radio and the clubs; Let's go Dancin! All 4 tracks are really COOL and potential singles." Mateo, the Pop and R&B talent with smooth voice, cool moves, and hot songs!


At 14, trying to get over his first-love heartbreak, Mateo Medina threw himself into dance, then songwriting, and eventually, he found the confidence to pursue his first love, singing. And now, at 17, Mateo (pronounced Ma-TAY-o) is eager to unveil what he’s become: a Pop and R&B talent with a smooth voice, cool moves and songs that reveal true lyrical prowess. Like his greatest influences—Maxwell, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Usher—Mateo has soul, finesse and drive. And he’s ready for the world to know.

“Recording is amazingly fun and very entertaining for the fact that in every session we are creating something from nothing,” he adds. “I love to make songs that you just can't help but groove with. Songs that will truly captivate your emotions. I typically like very dramatic and cinematic sounds in my music because they really get the emotion across.” “I value respect and trust,” Mateo says simply, adding, “I love performing for people. It makes me happy to make people laugh and smile and just bug out for a while.”

With an attitude like that, plus undeniable talent and energy, Mateo already rocks. Soon, he’ll be rockin’ your world.


Mateo Medina EP
It's Saturday
Let's Play the Game
Tearin' up the Dancefloor

Set List

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