Matevž Goršic

Matevž Goršic


My music is music of soul. I'm just a lucky guy who have privilege to mediate god's love to others.


I was born in 1966 in Celje - Slovenia. I finished music colledge in Ljubljana. Afther that I make living as a teacher, choir conductor, composer and pianist in jazz rock band. I published two editions of music for childrens (Halooo? and Haloo??). In the meantime I studied composition and jazz piano. I have cca. 600 compositions in different styles (pop, rock, jazz, ambiental, classical, chanson...), for different ensembles (Symphonic orhestra, Big band, rock, jazz band and solo piano...)
One year ago I went to jazz symposioum and I met a few well known musicians (Adam Nussbaum, Joris Teppe...) and we played some of my music. Their smile was full of enhusiasm and they adviced me to give my music to people.
So Here I am.


Now It's Time For You And Me

Written By: Mihael Lajlar

Now it´s time for you and me,
Now it´s time for you and me.

Day is sinking down,
streets are filled with scent of rain,
lights are lit in still and tranquil town.

Steps are lost, we listen in vain,
lovers are swiftly rushing away,
in the distance there is a sound
of departuring train.

Now it´s time for you and me,
now it´s time for you and me.

We don´t need promisses to keep,
we don`t need single word to speak
Cover the window
and turn the key.

We are here and left alone,
our room is slowly decaying
in time.
Let´s sink into the night,
the world is closed.

Now it´s time for you and me,
now it´s time for you and me.