Matgo Primo

Matgo Primo


As danceable as they are eclectic, Matgo Primo would have made a great opener for Talking Heads. With influences that range from David Bowie to more agressive acts like The Pixies and Mr. Bungle, Matgo Primo plays energetic and exciting pop-rock with a dark, at times circusy, edge.


Introduced in spring, 2003 as a tribute to the man, the legend, the enigma himself, Matgo Primo has maintained a position as one of the most popular and exciting bands in their home town of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Described as “new wave carnies playing circa-1980s indie pop,” Matgo Primo borrows liberally from early art-rock/glam pioneers such as David Bowie and Roxy Music. From the beginning, Matgo Primo’s live shows have been a whirlwind of visual and musical energy, with the complexity of their music never getting lost in the shuffle.

With a sound that blends acts like David Bowie and Talking heads with more aggressive acts like The Pixies and Mr. Bungle, Matgo Primo provides an exciting and unique musical experience, and their energetic, fast-paced performances never fail to electrify even the most stoic of crowds.

Matgo Primo is currently working on their first full-length album, to be released in 2007.

Past and Recent Accomplishments

Winner of the University of Tennessee Battle of the Bands 2004.
Headlined 10th Annual Knoxville Brewer’s Jam


Moving Sideways

Written By: Matgo Primo

The air is colder on the outside
The air inside my body is affected by the light
It’s being warmed and changing forms
Light generated by my intangible form

In the space between these organs
There’s an electric net connecting tissue all around
Creates a feeling of excitement
This body’s a machine, synthetic factory of sound

Moving sideways, careful to give your trust
Sugar fingers caressing salty lust
There’s a symptom; oxygen equals rust

He’s swinging his hips
And pumping his fists
Read the writing on your face
Move into a kiss
You’ve got some sugar on your lips
But you’ve got some blood on your hands
The glue will hold them together
Mistakes they don’t understand

In the space between these thighs
The advertisements pulled the birds out of the sky
He has a girlfriend made of light
The birds clipped their own wings and filled a trash can with their flight

Moving sideways, careful to give your trust
Sugar fingers caressing salty lust
There’s a symptom; oxygen equals rust
She’s cutting ribbons with her eyes and teeth
From his body the pain strangely bringing relief
New sensations, being rocked gently to sleep

In these situations
Oh it’s like a cancer of emotions
Like that tumor in your chest the doctors called you heart
But you lungs love much more than your heart
Your lungs love much more than you heart

I’m not sure if I was really born
I condensed from a fog into droplets, nothing more
For this ambient precipitation
I am a weapon of the sky’s retaliation

Bound by Motion

Written By: Matgo Primo

It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the poles of the earth as they keep the time
So steady, revolving
The world is round, but concerning my distance from the point of rotation, it doesn’t make a difference
It’s just a stack of discs forming a sphere

Every new circumference changes the equation

Emotions, sucked dry of meaning; a manner of thinking dictated by motion
In circles, whose divisions inward change in speed

Our lives are changed by our rate

I have grown accustom to the speed here
I have grown accustom

A world made of gears like my bike and mind the biggest in the middle moving fastest to bind
All the sections together is a line

Our lives are changed by our rate

I have grown accustom to the speed here
I have grown accustom

All my actions, some how related to my pace
My speed it not just myself, it’s altered by my place

Wine Made of Tears

Written By: Matgo Primo

The energy transfers from mouth to mind, consumption, creation, released through the eyes
A life that’s contained in saltwater pools, an ocean, an iris, the energy moved

Now that you have escaped from your emotion cage, we run in fear
Now the final plans are laid, the forms are taking shape, wine made of tears

Just like these stitches sewn, the seed is placed, there’s something wrong
The air’s too thick to breath.
Vapors slowly seeping out from the gaps between these seems
Pain filtered through teeth

Golden teardrops that you cried, were sold at quiet a price, realize out fear
Bodies are falling from the sky, all quite devoid of life, wine made of tears

Mothers who want their children’s lives, their jealous rage will rise, drown in their fear
Fathers in creation of life, they take that of their wives, wine made of tears

Consumption of substance of life, dense enough to cut with a knife
The air’s too thick to breath
Water forming hands and hearts, there’s strength in pain, in whole or parts
Pain filtered though teeth

Gaining power, the grapes they cower with
Wine made out of tears
Pain occurs, the energy transfers with
Wine made out of tears


None, Never
Recorded by Don Coffey

Past Recordings:

The Flying Madman Hit The Sun - Recorded in 2005 with El Deth Productions

Demo - 2 songs Recorded by Matt Lincoln in 2005

Set List

Deep Dark
Moving Sideways
Good Mechanics
Swamp Thing II
Bound by Motion
I'm Made of Fire
Wine Made of Tears
Chop Off My Head
Appx. 30 minutes, or as long as required

Total original song list includes more than 40 songs:

Big Stepper
Good Mechanics
Bound by Motion
Now More Than Ever
Wine Made of Tears
I’m made of Fire
Moving Sideways
Deep, Dark
Moon Transformer
Through Houses
Swamp Thing II
Oh, Mastermind
Phantom Pains
The New Age
Not Made of Life
Fly Trap
Chop Off My Head
Babe, You’re Alright
Matgo Primo Theme Song
Holes in the Walls
Blood on Your Dress
Telepathic Love
Venus Vespers
Other Peoples Money
Get to the Show
In Advance of a Broken Arm
The Epic
I’m a Light Bulb
I’ve Always Been Here Before
Movie Starr
Save Yourself
I Gotta Go
Carpel Tunnel
Covers are very infrequent but have included:
Duck Tales - T