"When pre-packaged hipster bands-of-the-moment get you down, it's refreshing to remember that bands like the Mathematicians exist." -The Onion


Mathematicians from the Tri-County Region of Upstate New York music is trans-genre. The effect is a dance party. The live show is a hallucine-genic amalgamation of music, live visual projections and midi-controlled lighting sequences capable of shaking arenas or turning a house party into a small nuclear explosion. The band members are actually not good at math.Some have speculated that this marginalization by academia is the impetus for the trio’s punk rock DIY ethos and aesthetic. They have toured the country from coast to coast, played over 500 shows in the past five years and released two albums, Level I and Level II, as well as a new live DVD, Transdimensional Odyssey of Doom.
In their travels some of the more noteworthy bands they have shared the stage with include:

Dan Deacon
Dirty Projectors
Matt and Kim
Mr. Lif
Boy Crisis
Jens Lekman
Video Hippos
Q and not U
The Blow
Anna Oxygen
Mt. Eerie
Totally Michael
Grand Buffet
Double Dagger
Human Host
Edie Sedgewick
Pattern is Movement
Attractive and Popular
The Teeth
Minus the Bear
Gravy Train!!!!
The Show is the Rainbow



Written By: Mathematicians

What’s the input Check the output Yeah I know Dewi Hey Dewi Hey Pete Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally Dewi's got his fingers crossed For good luck Cross examine.

Binary Girl

Written By: Mathematicians

Binary girl not logical 0’s and 1’s we cant reprimand her To textbooks dunce caps cleaning hard drives such a common syntax Binary girl so logical these hieroglyphics so pathological So hit the lab bathroom cigarette cut class bad bad girls do the math dance 100010 In the classroom teaching logic times tables the third degree Pop quiz pop rocks turning lovers onto symmetry She’s underrated temperamental losing her cool to chalkboard stencils Missing projects taunting classmates teasing her hair this trivial hell The
class bell rang three days absent Binary girl what download process Cut a rug a lovers lisp pray for no errors on this floppy disc To keep in touch a cable process D.S.L uploads are nonsense Deep within mascara tears deep within these chalk dust fears I’ll keep your heart fast in my pocket better myself for the take home test Place no calls to the principal 0’s and 1’s for a binary world We’ll look out for a binary girl.

Weapons of Math Instruction

Written By: Mathematicians

Integration of thoughts on the nation A chain of commands pose threats A to B in sand and your T.V.
shows are so bland Nielsen's watch the news for ratings on thin ice skating Rice feigns nice to entice
support trying to thwart contrary opinions controlling Old Dominion again its calculated spin half truth
or all lies just to win In the background spies change ballots 1 by 1 the total not equal to the sum and
ho hum rings as Dick bling blings hand over fist a handshake deal and speech repealed while nails paid
by tax cost 4 grand each and they say "relax Freedom ain't cheap" as contracts are breached by
interests in conflict DOS brain cannibal dicing up numericals. The governments essential, sugar coat the trinomial. Ask for a deficit, executive represent. A trillion cap resentment on behalf of this lesson.
A presidential fox trap, demorgan's broadcast bypassed. System is the code crash, comprehend the
codex. Reprimand the syntax, overwrite the stock stash. Be embalmed and court-less, learn or leave the math text.For every logical statement there is a universal quantifier lurking in the illogical mire and this factor will create an unnatural set of integers programmed to destroy and to hate give me a chalkboard
now level two will begin with a less than sign in your face aimed at fate moving closer to an infinity sign
that we call a war on hate. Standup no now sitdown this is the introduction corky’s in the function doctorly perscribe sumthin gumption pumpin rumplestillskin stumpin up in brain bin a bring bangen and leave your life in twitch I drew your math shirt bitch Warp speed on the countdown, lazy eye, jet lag. Demographic no-fly zone, preliminary bad habits. Pro-contractors pose face as reactors long list of benefactors who build tanks and tractors Bag the rabbit, stalemate choices, polls based. Robotic choices entices my third party choice. Unilateral Bastards with business model plaster casters destroy sovereignty to build
Democracy disasters unquenched graphs 50, 50 thirsty voices count with me. 5...4...3...2...and one plus
one means your too dumb to understand the sum minus votes but you play cutthroat on foreign coasts?
Four more years of a bad face, a bad face. Carl Roves in the back shredding files "There I said it".
A Nation divided with unrest as the quotient multiply the deaths and the debt why don't you listen to this
notion I could not hack in the system, in time to stop the mission. The chaos math ambition, my own
ammunition. A cabinet full of skeletons enact apocalyptic four functions Forget the first war start another on assumptions Instruct, destruct, creation policy...The facts came in the figures added up to nothin' We point this at the Hill call it Weapons of Math Instruction.


Written By: Mathematicians

An expression is just a string of values. The sudden powers to evaluate the day. Cause you insinuate the cause, of a non magnified clause. Magnificent, the exponent in your silhouette. My brain grew tired, a face that I desire. My scalp perspired with wire taps, fractured maps. With algorithm's replaced, by cheap software rebates. Throw refunds at my feet. When the weeds grew in, to meet and greet the day. May I interject, to the voice behind the curtain. This factory I work in. These assembled lines in 4/4 time. The watches that we make, off axis hands, a big mistake. Guess we'll be here for a while.
Example number 33, minus the hand to a quarter till three let the remainder be our finders fee.
Fractions, forked tongues, trade marks, pay-cuts, sales pitch, exploit, deploy, in-store, xoxo increase the volume. The time has come to clock out. As you let your feelings out.
You said time was infinite. So why the watch, wrapped around your wrist.

What's the Difference

Written By: Mathematicians

Love You don't need to split What's the difference? Here is less than what you need you are greater than
the scene how mean to see you staring back at you feeling only average But you got to know you're not just the mode your the most Fog my glasses on my nose now come on baby it's time to get close
Don't count me out Don't count me out now Time is the letter X we can't say what's next.
I hear you when you say that you might go away but I still dread the day Reciprocated feelings spend
time like I'm stealing But I got to say Baby if you go all the logic in the land won't put together this broken

Perfect Ten

Written By: Mathematicians

I got a perfect ten But I can't remember when You didn't try and try to keep me down at 9. The strange
look on your face whenever I win first place I wonder can you see Its not a contest to me T.A. leak was
digital The hackers had no paper trail Our lives have become inter-missive Find the glitch and tap the
system crunch those numbers break the grid The software crash by foreign bids We're gonna watch our masters make mistakes


Level Two (2006) LP

Level One (2004) LP

Transdimensional Odyssey of Doom (2009) DVD

Set List

All Original songs.
Sets range from 45 minutes to an hour and a half.
Song choice varies from show to show.
We are currently playing all new(unreleased) songs @ our shows