Mathew turnbull

Mathew turnbull


Meatloaf once ask me to describe my music..and I hesitated in giving my answer..He told me if any one ever asks you that question againm, All you got to do is say 3 words...Its dam


I have been a record producer for over 15 years and have had my own uk top 40 dance act(QFX)for 15 years we have had 10 uk top records, released 6 albums and sold Over 4million records world wide.I am a gold disc remix working for the biggest uk record labels and also run my own lable for the past 15 years and managed the ive been very busy.


So Lonley

Written By: Mathew Kirk Turnbull

Its cold out side
I don't no what to do
it hurts so bad
I still have these feelings for you
All though its hard
I think I can make it Through
But it doesn't help
Every song reminds me of you


So I don't want to here another song about you baby
Cause every time i do it makes me cry
I am tired of sitting here so lonely baby
But most of all I am tired of asking why
Yeh most of all I am tired of asking why

It feels as though you were trying to
punish me
Why couldn't you see i thought you were the right on for me
But now I've open my eyes and I wont be that way no more
So i am turning off my radio
and walking out the door

Chorus X2

To Scared to say

Written By: Mathew kirk Turnbull

You looked at me and new
I was the one for you
You took a chance on me
And I took a chance on you
Now you tell me your so
Deep deeply in love with me
But I guess am just
To proud to say


Yes am just to proud to say
That I love you baby
Yeh to scared to say
Just how I really feel
I am to scared to say
That I love you baby
To proud to say
just how I really feel


I know at times i act like
your not there
But ill be cold inside
But I do Care
And you'll tell me your so
Deep deeply in love with me
But I guess I am just to
Proud to say

Chorus Repeats

Verse 3

Couldn't seem to say the words
that were on my mind
Now I moved on
And left you behind
Cause when you open up
It so easy to get hurt
So i guess i am just
to proud to say

chorus repeats x3


13 single releases,6 albums and featured on over 20 world wide dance compulations.

Set List

We performe 8tracks or about 25min...which i no people think is short for a band but not for a dance act with average BPM of over