Mathias Isassi

Mathias Isassi

 Austin, Texas, USA

His voice is loud with passion and even when soft and gentle rings as if he was shouting atop a mountain. His inspiring words of wisdom, pain, question, joy and love flow through angelic notes and chords – creating beautiful long-lasting melodies.


Genre: LoFi Indie
Style: Folk / Acoustic-Rock / Soul
Songs: about 5 albums worth of originals, covers artists like Van Morrison, Pearl Jam, CCR, Neil Young, Simon & Garfunkel, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Don McLean, etc.

Mathias Isassi is a great new up and coming singer/songwriter of this generation whose talents blaze with enormous radiance. A quarter of a century old he’s already independently produced and released three albums, ventured across the vast state of Texas a total of three times, and still manages to constantly stay rolling on these great American highways. Keep an eye out - he'll be coming to a town near you!

Performing solo he's played in Comfort, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, NX35 '09 in Denton. He also most recently performed a live in-store acoustic set for the GAP 40th Anniversary Party in Houston, TX. He's recently completed a mini East Coast tour from Texas to New Jersey. He's also hosted "Acoustic Christmas at the Grove 2009", "Homemade & Homegrown Music/Art Festival 2010" and "The King's Showcase 1st Annual Regional Music & Art Festival" - all in Kingsville, TX.


His style is said to be similar to artists like Bob Dylan, Don McLean, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Neil Young and modern artists like James Blunt, Joshua Radin, Glen Hansard and Ray LaMontagne.

His stage performance is loud, passionate and filled with raw emotion.

Mathias will prove to be of sure interest to music enthusiasts everywhere.

- he is one artist to keep an eye...and ear on.

Here's my sites if you have time to check out:

Currently performing throughout Texas and to be conducting a large scale tour Summer 2011 to promote upcoming album release "16 Flowers".


How Lucky We Are

Written By: Mathias Isassi

i need a reason, i need a reason to be. i need protection, but don't give me sympathy. i need to find me a place where i can hide a while - away from the sadness that breeds in the city streets. i've looked under rugs and over the roof tops. i've gutted the gutters and lifted every rock. if you've got a light why don't you shine it on over to me - help me to find just what i'm searching to be.
high in the heavens we sit on the tail of a star, just dreaming away and wondering how lucky we are. is there anyone out there sitting high on a star, dreaming little dreams and wondering how lucky they are?
i found my reason, i've got a reason to be. she's my protection, she sets me free. i've got a place and i don't need to hide - away from the sadness and into the light of her smile. the earth is my rug the sky is my rooftop. i need no gutters - i am a rock. i've got my light and i'm gonna let it shine, let it shine. shine like the stars dancing high in the night.
high in the heavens we sit on the tail of a star - dreaming away and wondering how lucky we are. is there anyone out there sitting high on a star? come lets dream away and wonder how lucky we are.

For the Way I Feel For You ( Como Yo Siento Por Ti)

Written By: Mathias Isassi

She's two-hundred-some miles away, but i can see her in just half a blink; and if i let my mind stray she's right there waiting for me.
She's on my mind each day and night, but still i wonder...'does she think of me?'...she's in my words and on my mind, oh how i wish we could be.
People ask me why i do what i do.
I say, 'i really don't know!'.
It's for the way i fell for you baby, and i've gotta let you know.
Oh i've gotta let you know!


Written By: Mathias Isassi

things are beginning to look a little better now that you don't cloud my mind. i'm looking for the bright side, but i can't find the light.
you can take the stories. you can take the memories and the love, but you can't take my tears.
i won't cry my dear.

it's beginning to look a little better now that you aren't on my mind. i'm still looking for the bright side, but everything is dark as night.
take the stories, take the memories, take my love, but you can't take my tears.
take the stories, take the memories, take my love, but you can't take my tears.

These tears are mine
these tears are mine
these tears are mine


'Last Chance' - LP released Sept. '07
'How Lucky We Are' - single release Dec. '08
'Sad Clown' - EP released "unofficially" July 2009.
'The Other Side & Beyond' - b-sides/rarities LP Nov. 2010.

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Set List

My set list includes most original songs written from 2004-2010. Hits include Memories, Red White & Blue, 16 Flowers, UnNatural Disaster, For the Way I Feel For You and the new single How Lucky We Are. Covers artists such as John Lennon, Simon & Garfunkel, Don McLean, Joshua Radin & other like artists. My set list can be summed up in thirty minutes or last up to three hours, longer given others to jam with. Very interactive with the crowd and the show is usually for a smaller more personal crowd giving them more of a chance to be part of my show.