Mathias Isassi

Mathias Isassi


Music with flavor: soft, yet deeply resonating. LOUD, but passive. The sound life makes when love and war, passion and the lack thereof, and trials and tribulations beat the drum of one's soul.


Unlike most artists today I bring the classic sound of acoustic guitar with words and inspiration from today. I can be mellow, but at times I can really rock. I don't try and imitate any voices and I write how I feel, or what I see. Nature, friends, love, war, life, time and everything else inspires me.


Blue Bird

Written By: Mathias Isassi

blue bird singing softly in the tree spread your little wings and fly away. Where are you going and can i come along? i want to go where no one knows my name. Have you got an extra ticket to the coast? I swear i won't even cry. You won't even notice me in your rear view. I'll sleep in the back seat while you drive.
It's a bitter cold morning this September day - Passing the city limit sign. Population is minus two for now. Next year will be two more come this time. Take me away blue bird to a place i've never heard. fly me across this vast land of hope where the summers last all year long.


Released my debut album titled "last chance..." in July of 2007. Includes 10 new original songs.

Set List

I like performing both mellow and rocking songs. Songs to bring people together and songs to make people think. I have about four albums worth of originals and covering classics by CCR, Van Morrison, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Stones, Pink Floyd and GNR are always fun for the audience. shows have ranged from 30 minutes to an hour and a half in length.