Orlando, Florida, USA

I'm young. I'm growing up. I learn as I go. I've searched and I've found. I still have a lot to go. I'm only progressing.

I want to write music that transcends the normal vibe. I want it to connect with the listener. Music is about community and my goal is to create something that brings you in. I want network with other musicians and people to help create something bigger.

I'm Matt.


Mathieu is something that is a progression. I started as a young kid toying around with a guitar, and was a stunt of growth for quite awhile. That was until I started seeing things from a different perspective. At nineteen, in the middle of turmoil, I wrote the first song without any sense of foundation. Upon turning twenty, in the deepest trench I've ever been in, I took a trip to Brooklyn, NY where I was planning on releasing an EP. Well, things didn't go according to plan and instead I began writing songs that were just songs to something more. They hold a certain spot within me and to those who listen. My story is that I've been blessed, specifically to have had the opportunity to be surrounded by such awesome people in Brooklyn to help me realize what means the most. Simply hearing the song displays an array of emotion that is different than the simple pop hook. The songs are stripped down and the vocals hold an emotional toll. I'm constantly reminded of why I do things and where I'm going by the influences of great friends and family. Musically, my friends and I derive our influence from bands such as Bon Iver, Tallest Man on Earth, and Coldplay.


Synthesthesia- Single

Set List

A Place Called Home
North 8th