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Wild live performances and acrobatic freestyle high jinks! With 3 maniacal MCs, a smooth sultry female vocalist and a twisted prodigy DJ/producer, mathpanda's music ranges from shrapnel-marred conscious and carniverous hiphop to more ethereal downtempo tracks showcasing production & vocal stylings.


MATHPANDA was formed in late 2005, as an alliance of three emcees who met at the famed DC cipher, 'TruSkool' and vocalist/D&B DJ Lady Maroo. Producer/DJ Ed the Metaphysical was added to mix in 2006 when 3 of the members formed F.A.R.C. Studios and began hosting events and working on thier first album. Since then the group has played 70+ shows across the USA, as well as in Europe and Central America, (Including tours in California, Costa Rica/Panama and Croatia) sharing the stage with such acts as Biz Markie, Kid Koala, Eyedea&Abilities, Blueprint, Percee P, Tonedeff, Son of Nun, X:144 & SPS, Blak Lungz & Joe Beats, and a multiplicity of other wildly talented artists.

MATHPANDA embraces opportunities to perform at 'crossover' events with music ranging punk, rock, dubstep, folk jazz, dance, reggaeton and more.

With roots in freestyling, the group loves spontaneous performance and is always game for ciphers and jam sessions. Live sets tend to incorporate freestyle elements as well.

The group's DJ, Ed the Metaphysical, can also spin dance, hiphop, dubstep, D&B, etc, to keep a party going between of after sets, and on into the future as time permits...



Written By: mathpanda


Death to our enemies! Hardened artisans presently

The force giving form to lyrical energy

Hypnotic verse potentially, will activate you mentally

Impacting events for centuries

It’s no coincidence, I’ve been dismissing

Missives from emcees since I was sixteen

Yeah, you got the whole game locked in your grip

You rock three spinners? I ride a rocket ship

I try to speak with positive lips

But every now and then I gotta let slip

The dogs of war and cry havoc

You crime addicts find divine wrath exists

My penmanship blows away the competition

Your weak rendition is relegated to the realm of submission

Locked in a box that’s a lot

Harder to find than a needle in a haystack

Deep like Heather Brooke in that gray hat

Memories from way back

I’m spitting cultural inheritance the same as the sage spat

Getting the meek to put away crack

Here’s my lyrics go blaze that

You whack emcees are amazed at the way that

You still feel my shit on playback

I’ve been working like a swayback to make sure it’s a plain fact

Its no coincidence, when evil men receive their payback

Chorus: (x2)

Emcees who step to me had better act right

Or else I’m a have to diminish their half life


So bright I could serve as a flash light

Smoking suckers like herbs from my hash pipe

Been apt to smash mic’s

JOHN: @!$%^@$#%%$

Rapidly my lips are flapping happily

While slapping you nastily till the joint gets passed to me

The dastardly rap entity, the bastard speaking blasphemy

While creeping with a master key

Radical that’s actively tracking the pack after me

With tactical accuracy, impacting men drastically

Spitting acid grammatically

Practically attacking a whole battery of whack emcees

Trying to battle me, but that don’t rattle me

I’m able to move agilely, ducking all those who stab at me

Flying defying gravity, to unabashedly slash fast thru body cavities

Decapitating causing tragedy, until my pace slows gradually

Those still alive are glad to be on their knees calling me you majesty

This is how it had to be

The saga continues, still ripping into tissue and sinews

Thin acrid soup construed as a misuse of menus

Dense fields of thought condensed into a thick stew

A rich brew brought and rendered forth to hit you

In the aroma of victuals the rituals I’ve been through

And sinned too, medicine men said the picture knew

On animal skin he drew my whole life in visuals

And stream of conscience then turned into a river full

With every bite I eat I find my mind is never full

The quiver pulls from the weight of slings and arrows

Shiver kills the pain that the cold brings at the gallows

Never mad though, since it’s all been predetermined

Clever fellow knows the sense of learned hermits:

Whenever embers burned extinguish, they earned it

Whenever embers burned extinguish, they earned it


Panadamensional - LP (F.A.R.C., 2009)

Dirt Cookies - LP (Foodchain Collective, 2008)

F.A.R.C Mixtape vol 3. - LP (F.A.R.C., 2010)

F.A.R.C Mixtape vol 2. - LP (F.A.R.C., 2008)

F.A.R.C Mixtape vol 1. - LP (F.A.R.C., 2006)

Set List

Our set is dynamic and flexible. Ideally we like to have at least 45mins-1hr, but can stretch to 3+hrs based on the format. With a live dj, 1.5hrs+ of written material and and limitless capacity for spot-on freestyle performance, MATHPANDA can hold down a stage, festival, or house party for days.