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"Local Doctor To Play At Country Crossings"

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Local doctor to perform on the Country Crossings StageLocal News Top Stories July 26, 2017 Matt Jordan

Jacksonville, Ore — The Country Crossings Festival kicks off Thursday and features dozens of the best and brightest in country music

For one local artist, her path to the Country Crossing’s stage stage was fraught with doubt, danger and a near death experience.

A few notes, a few words, a lifetime of music for Jacksonville Doctor Matia Brizman.

“I remember going to sleep at night in my bedroom listening to music at night to fall asleep to and thinking, I want to be doing that, that’s absolutely what I want to do,” said Dr. Brizman.

So she did, and Matia was good, the music seemed to flow naturally through her at a young age.

“Playing real gigs, the biggest gig we played was at Maryland University for thousands of people, I was just a baby and that’s where life was headed,” said Dr. Brizman.

That is, until the music stopped.

“A few months later I fell very ill and I needed a life saving surgery. When I woke up, I woke up a different person. I didn’t know then but it was the beginning of a very different life,” she said.

A kidney disorder nearly killed Matia, and despite the surgery she says, she never felt whole.

“I had lost my voice, literally like, my life force had been taken form me, and the surgery had technically saved my life, but had taken my life force and this is what doctors couldn’t understand, they couldn’t understand how to put me back together.”

Music was an afterthought, put in a box in her mind, too painful to open. Her focus now on healing herself, and others. That is until, now Br. Brizman’s daughter, found an old six string guitar. One chord at a time, the music box was opened.

“One after another lyrics, melodies started coming out of me, and I couldn’t write fast enough,” she said.

2 studio albums later, with the help of musician Kenny Mazer and a host of others, Matia found her voice.

“One of my songs, When I Can’t Speak, is about that very thing, about facing struggle and difficulty and not succumbing to that struggle not decided you’re stuck with that deficit you’re feeling,” said Dr. Brizman.

Now, along with her medical practice she’s using her words to heal others the way music healed her.

“Struggle is an invitation to create something positive in your life and something positive in other people’s lives.”

Matia and her band will perform at the Boxcar Stage at the Country Crossing’s Music Festival at 10am Saturday and at Edenvale Winery from 6-9pm Sunday. - Matt Jordan


  • Blind published 2015 All song written and sung by Matia
  • Produced and arranged by Ken Mazur
  • Background Vocals arranged by Ken Mazur and Matia

  • When I Can't Speak
  • Blind
  • Little GIrl
  • Turned Into The Blue
  • I Already Know
  • If All The Stars Should Fall
  • Don't Break My Heart
  • If You Won't Hold Me
  • This Life
  • Standing In the Sky
  • It'll Be Alright
  • Something In Him
  • I'll Try

  • There Is Love published 2019
  • There Is Love 

    Matia: Lead vocal, background vocals

    Ken Mazur: Guitars, bass, electric piano,

    synths, strings, drum programming

    Davey Chegwidden: Cajon, percussion,

    high hat


    2.. Lockets Of Pearl

    Matia: Lead vocal, background vocals

    Ken Mazur: Electric guitar, acoustic guitar,

    bass, drum programming, strings, keyboards

    Jon Woodhead: Electric Guitar solo​

    3. 'Till I can Fly

    Matia: Lead vocal, background vocals

    Ken Mazur: Acoustic guitar, bass, brush snare, organ, wurlitzer

    Jon Woodhead: Electric guitar

    Davey Chegwidden: Congas, Tambourine, Shakers, Percussion, EFX


    4. Someone Extraordinary Too

    Matia: Lead vocal, background vocals

    Ken Mazur: Producer, Cello

    Sandy Stein: Piano


    5. Faith Falling

    Matia: Lead vocal, background vocals

    Ken Mazur: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, claps

    Jon Woodhead: Electric guitar, guitar solo

    Sandy Stein: Fender rhodes, organ

    David Bolen: Drums

    Davey Chegwidden: Shakers, tambourine

    6. Mercy

    Matia: Lead vocal, background vocals

    Ken Mazur: Electric guitar, bass, organ, electronic horns

    Steve Robbins: Piano

    David Bolen: Drums


    7. Bring It Back

    Matia: Lead vocal, background vocals

    Ken Mazur: Guitar, bass, synths, glockenspiel, drum programming

    8. Ocean Of Why

    Matia: Lead vocal, background vocals

    Ken Mazur: Electric guitar, organ, drum programming, background vocals

    Jon Woodhead: Electric guitar, background vocals

    Lou Castro: Bass

    Steve Robins: Piano

    Davey Chegwidden: Congas, tambourine, percussion, high hat


    9. Someone Listening

    Matia: Lead vocal, background vocals

    Ken Mazur: Electric guitar, organ, synth, bass

    Davey Chegwidden: Cajon, percussion

    Sandy Stein: Piano

    Itai Disraeli: Slap bass

    Dino Soldo: Chromatic harmonica


    10. In The World Tonight

    Matia: Lead vocal, background vocals

    Ken Mazur: Producer, bass, organ, claps

    Steve Robbins: Piano



A stage act that rocks, sings and entertains with great original songs and a healthy dose of tasty recognizable covers. A smoking style that covers acoustic alternative country/folk to down home rockin' soulful Americana and r n b. Great slide guitar and amazing piano chops lock with a super tight rhythm section. Everyone sings BG in this crisp band of 2 guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and two BG singers--with singer/songwriter, Matia, lead singing and spinning her magic up front.  

Her story:

‘Inside every answer are thousands of whys…’ from "There is Love"  Matia .

The road can be long and hard, but it can also take one on an amazing journey. Matia, now releasing her second album, There is Love, has evolved through the spaces of despair and illness—to a self-created cure, an amazing education and PHD, a rebirth of voice and pure creativity to now share with us her amazing song writing and singing talents.

Blind, her first album, establishes Matia as a major song writer in the Laurel Canyon tradition of the late 60s and 70s, with honest arrangements and minimalist acoustic oriented production. The genre is singer songwriter, progressive/americana.  Album 2, There Is Love, expands on these traits and adds more of Matia’s unique perspective on life and love, with an expanded sound palette. This album falls into a more alternative rock/and retro singer/songwriter genre. Both are faithfully captured in the live show.

The hand picked band is tight, funky, experienced and completely professional. This band rocks hard and gets funky too.

Matia is now gigging in the SOCAL area. Look for her and her amazing band to be in your city sometime soon.

Band Members