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"El vuelo de Albatros review, Ipop magazine"

In a time when more awake quench their musical hunger through blogs and mediafire, Matias Cena was part of those Internet rumors that deserved to be heard. At last his name was up in recent times as a credit that has given rise to new national rock, especially for those who missed a return to the roots in the middle of both synthesizer. After a year of its official debut with The Fictions, now surprised with this new plaque that is displayed in full boil. A trip outdated retro forceful guitars and care arrangements in the folk-rock savvy "Stichometría", "Hound Dog" and more intimate pieces like "At least for me" and "Clementine" own light shine and enhance a disk trapping more on every listen. - Ipop magazine

"Matias Cena & Los Fictions, change of skin, Rockaxis mag"

Absolutely suffocated with de binominal country-folk duo , " El vuelo de Albatros" tracks Matias Cena & The Fictions on a route more crude and not so indebted sacramentalized roots music on his debut , " Arauco Cajun " . Now comes the interesting part is : go out and defend the songs.
When googling information regarding " El vuelo de Albatros " , the second LP from Matias Cena & The Fictions in 14 months, we find a matching statement on almost every page that provided coordinates on that launch and defining the work as " an act of rebellion." I barely see my observation Matias (guitar and vocals) and Pato ( guitar and vocals), a burst of laughter .
Clearly , it was not a coincidence. It seems that the statement was not very involved to say.
Matias : "I made the statement and sent him everywhere. Prior to the launch we did in the SCD Bellavista, I realized that almost every page had been put at the bottom of the letter , including the description of the disc. The cuts made . And that , presumably , are sites written by music lovers "(laughs ) .
In that same statement, you talk about a change at 90 degrees. What do you mean?
Pato : " When we launched " Arauco Cajun " , the repertoire and was three and a half years of life. At that time , we were super glued to the country and folk rock . When composing " The flight of Albatros " our style saturation was clear, so we wanted to call Philip Ruz ( Perrosky , Fernando Milagros ), who is closer to experiment than the country itself. "
Matias, when you left solo and unplugged tone , noise fed media did . I feel that it did not happen " Arauco Cajun " . In fact , I think it was a disc with the press did not engage much . Do you agree ?
Matias : "Generally, I do not press hard thinking , but expect another response or arrival. I understand that it is over , perhaps why I went from being a soloist came with all the momentum of the MySpace generation to form a band and compete with a lot of rock groups in the circuit. Nor think " Arauco Cajun " was an album so good as to merit a greater stir . I always thought that, rather than the album released , we were going to highlight for our live show , and in that sense , our impact was less than I expected. "

Do not forget your roots

A quality that always wears Matiasshows Cena & The Fictions scenic crossing is born of the electrification of folk and country , but there is plenty of hardcore ethics and above all , attitude . And do not talk only of admiration for the typical names of the international move , there are a link of years with the local circuit . " The flight of Albatros " is no stranger to these trademarks.

Songs like ' We'll always have bougainvilleas ' and ' Hounds ' , rather than nostalgic exercises are classes of securities. The first , has the appearance of Emilio Fabar , singer International Fire Assembly and moves by the vitamin- emo rock bands like Further Seems Forever , the second has the lyricism and anger pouring from the early work of Bright Eyes.

Yes, the brothers Cena makes it clear that such references do not reflect the entire disc , starting with the headline , ' The flight of Albatros ' , the instrumental development goes about . " It's the middle Explosions In The Sky" , recognize .

' Stichometría ' seems a topic of another disk.
Pato : " That's more rockabilly . Full fifty . All Seal wave Sam Phillips ( Sun Records) . Join the The Big Rabia Seba . What choro the matter is that , unlike typical of that sound, here we add a banjo and that perfect shod " .

" Arauco Cajun " had a speech path and also nods to national historical figures . I have understood that this album is a bit more political , right?
Matias : " I do not know if I could set this record as a politician . There is a song called '1987 ' and places a parallel between the founding of Santiago and current movements. ' The call of Malatesta ' , however cheesy it sounds, touches on claim of the working class, apart from this there are also personal rolls . Do not tildo of introspective to not fall into the cliché of songwriters " ( laughs).

Changing the subject a little , you -friendly bands like Rage and especially Big Perrosky are outside , recording shows . Do you plan to do something similar with this album ?
Pato : " the fact of being a sextet is limiting. For example, to the local loop are a show that does not fit anywhere for many musicians and obviously the cost involved . It was not easy . Abroad is much more complicated. Perrosky , besides being - Rockaxis magazine

"Chilean Honky-Tonk Troubadors, Remezcla blog"

Meet Matías Cena & Los Fictions: Chilean Honky-Tonk Troubadors
BY José Benavides | PUBLISHED: Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Née: Matías Cena, Francisco Toledo, Patricio Cena, Manuel Salvat, Andrés Jorquera, Matías Ordenes, and Ismael Palma
Raíces: Santiago de Chile
Sounds like: Abeja with an orchestra-arsenal of weird bluegrass instruments and Chilean dudes on lead vocals.
You should listen to Matias Cena & Los Fictions because… you always wanted to ride a horse down from the the U.S. American grasslands down to Chile.
Matías recorded his first albums It Is The Salt and We All Lie – Vol.1 Spies between 2008 and 2009 in his makeshift home studio as a solo project, after leaving a hardcore band he played with for 7 years. From January 2010 to April 2011, Matías’ band went through a second phase makeover that transformed the band into a new Latin alt-country group, which we all know, is at the stage right now. Their music is refreshing, despite the trend, if only because folk influences and traditional, guitar-rock focused reverence is always needed to break the monotony of electro-dark hipsters coming up in the underworld of Latin coolness. Somewhere between Jumbo and a more Devendra Banhart, or the less romantic and isolated renditions ofDiego García, you’ll find the post-rock garage gristle of Los Fictions.
Matías Cena & Los Fictions‘ softer moments remind me, loosely, of Jackson C. Frank. If the band were to tone it all down and stretch back to absolute bluegrass simplicity, they might catch the lonely beauty of Guy & Candie Carawan or the crooning grace of Pete Seeger. Even if you aren’t convinced that the Latin American take on U.S. Americana isn’t apt or versed enough in oral traditions or twang-history, we can all take comfort in the promise that these garage band innovators probably all had hippie folks who were listening to weird psychedelic acoustic stuff like Vashti Bunyan back in the day — even if your own U.S. American parents definitely weren’t.
On their third release Arauco Cajún this year, the production itself merits the noted accolade of all its participants. This honky-tonk, country-rock delight was recorded by Perrosky at Algorecords and mastered in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Gonzalo “Bird” Rainoldi.
If you like M. Ward, Johnny Cash and everything in between, you’ll get a horse-kick-in-the-saddle from Matías Cena & Los Fictions. Download four exclusive tracks off aforementioned record for FREE.

"The tales of Matias Cena, Que Pasa magazine"

The tale´s of Matias Cena
A song like a story. Matias Cena, at various times of Arauco Cajun, their first LP, does this: writes and sings songs like little stories, full of crazy characters that blend with names like Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Sylvia Plath and Gabriela Mistral. While the band's Fictions-accompanying-turns out to be the perfect addition to the voice of Cena, he wanders through the folk, country and rock as if they were coming back and were not the beginning. Because Matias Cena only has 23 years, but several internet EP circling, anticipating a record like Arauco Cajun: care in the letters, the use of unusual instruments in Chilean music, as the mandolin, banjo and dobro , the search for a particular style that not only finds references in the music of the southern United States, but also in Chilean groups of the '60s, as Broken Glasses, for example.
Arauco Cajún is torn between the epic stories and the lowest, between foreign and domestic references. That debate is ambitious record that will not leave anyone indifferent.
- Que pasa magazine

"A singer without fear, Rolling Stone magazine"

The hard and lonely country sound , of old Dylan bars , surrounded by smoke and half-finished beers are the natural environment of this daring young . A boy of 22 who left the university to devote himself to music and now , does what he wants without fear to speak.
With skinny jeans and Tracy snickers, Matias Cena has placed in almost all the under ground bars of Santiago and already has 5 EP's downloadable online.
Although his biggest musical influence was his grandmother's involvement in a folkloric band, since he was a boy at age 7 he always dreamed on having a rock band.
Then came the rebelliousness of youth and adolescence. His rack was filled with Beatles, Blur and punk rock records, but his stroke of luck was with Bad Religion , a band that taught him that music criticism has to be tough. " You have to think to attack , you can not come and say ," Hey, the system destroys everything. " Criticism has to be much more grounded and respectable , "says the composer.
And just the first songs he wrote with his college band , Rocky Loves Emily , shouted against inequality and religion. An irreverent label has kept in his compositions and songs sound blends folk.
Bad Religion however, Leith Matias more than acid lyrics . Their pure sound with banjos, and mandolins , just killed him, and he became to dig into the suburbs of American folk , with Ryan Adams and Johnny Cash to the head.
Now separated from his band and with several songs in his pocket , Matias took his guitar and was encouraged to play solo . He recorded two volumes of the series “We were all lied to”, played nonstop in the Other Republic and became good comrades to Natalia Molina , Diego Peralta and Javier Barria . But as Bob Dylan was up on stage, decided to regroup with his school friends and create The Questions. With them he recorded the third volume of his collection and currently testing an increasingly sound like country .
The next plan Matias & The Questions is to travel to Uruguay in the summer to record their first LP. It will be a hard "too large" and anticipates that already has several songs that will sound western style .
In the future, says he would like to hear on the radio trans-Andean and live this kid's dream : to be jove, to rock and roll and playing at every bar you can.
- Rolling Stone magazine Chile

"Review of Arqueologos y Escapista by MSN Latam"

Less than a year after their last released, the band Matias Cena & The Fictions is preparing to unveil a new material of his own. This is a downloadable EP that emerged in the recording sessions of the album "Arauco Cajun" plaque that was launched during the first half of 2012.
This new batch of songs was mastered in Buenos Aires by Gonzalo Rainoldi and recorded by Perrosky during 2011 Algorecords studies. Moreover, the art of the album, which was the responsibility of José Miguel Canales, line retains the group's new clip for the single "Archaeologists and Escapists" which was directed by Cristobal Landaeta and starring Lucy Cominetti. It is this song that gave the name to the last work of the band.
With a noticeable influence of artists of folk and American country, Matias Cena & The Fictions combines elements from this trend and combines with influences as the first wave garage in Chile, which had the greatest exponents of bands like Broken Glasses and The Mac's.
Among the current influences of the group may be mentioned bands like Bright Eyes, M Ward, Ryan Adams and My Morning Jacket, which are added to some older references as Gram Parsons, The Byrds and Fairport Convention.
In addition to the release of this new EP, this year end the group has scheduled several presentations, among which is the concert that will provide on the second day of Mysteryland Festival on Saturday, December 15. That day the whole show songs Dollmusic stage where bands also act Astro, Mecanico, and DJs Gepe and Alvaro España, among others.

- MSN Latam


Arauco Cajún



Matias Cena & The Fictions is the latest reincarnation of western fantasy: a fantasy where the camaraderie is virtue in an endless journey, transporting a stolen irrefutably sound of honky-tonk and traditional American country.

A perfect match between the composition and interpretation, which emerges the figure of the folk singer and guitarist Matias Cena, who is accompanied by his faithful band of friends, The Fictions.
In early 2008, Matias Cena left the band in which he played hardcore since 2001, because he had other concerns about the music. Influenced by: Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Elliott Smith, began to make songs like that, which he recorded at home with a home studio that himself put together that summer.
While recording these solo albums, Matias formed a band to help him play his songs live. This was the birth of "Matias Cena & The Fictions" (the training included: Matias Ordenes - drums, Pato Cena- guitar, Ismael Palma - keyboards, Agustin Palma - bassguitar). With them he recorded: "We all lie - Vol.2 Luxembourg", between February and March 2009. That recording was completely analogous, only tape, and was launched on March 25 in digital format. The album had many downloads and marked a milestone in the career of Matias Cena, who little by little was gaining a place on the Chilean national indie scene, and was recognized and highlighted by the press.

In April 2011, Matias Cena and The Fictions were consolidated as a band playing country. Furthermore, in September of that year, they joined the record label Algorecords responsible of the launch of their new album: "Arauco Cajun." Decorded by Alejandro Gomez PERROSKY in studies A Algorecords and mastered in Buenos Aires (Argentina) by Gonzalo "Bird" Rainoldi. So far, it has been released with great success "Raíz," is the first single from the album. They recorded a live video session by Pablo Giadach in Studio B.
Check out the full session: