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Matic EP

mixed by Barrett Jones (Foo Fighters, Nirvana)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Who Is Matic?

Matic is the mysterious masked rocker from New York City whose campaign for free music and online downloads of his single Hate You for Loving Me have made him an Internet phenomenon.

Matic's identity is one of the best-kept secrets in the music industry. With the exception of Matic's manager Stanton Ladder (Matic's primary contact with the outside world), no one knows who Matic is. Speculation on Matic's identity has been all over the map: from singers like Scott Weiland and Julian Casablancas to actors like Kevin Connelly and even American Idol runner-up Bo Bice. To date, no one has been able to pierce the mask of Matic's anonymity.

Matic rocks. His single Hate You for Loving Me is three minutes of the most addictive, infectious rock ever to hit the Internet. But Matic is more than just one song: with the sexy anthem Give The People What They Want, the hauntingly beautiful ballad Footsteps and the socio-political rap-rocker Straightjacket, Matic is on the verge of something bigger. And his fans seem to know it -- they've been flocking to his site in droves.

Or maybe it was the free music. Matic made waves when he decided to give all the songs on his soon to be released CD away for free on his website. In two months, Matic's first single, Hate You for Loving Me, has become one of the most downloaded songs on the Internet, with more than 900,000 downloads to date and counting.

Matic's record company Dinosaur Records has been none too happy with Matic's decision to give away his music. Claiming Matic's contract prohibits him from giving away his music, Dinosaur has threatened "legal action, or worse." But none of that seems to matter to Matic. He's doing it anyway.

Industry efforts to control Matic may have raised his profile, but he is not shying away from the controversy surrounding his support of free downloading. In a pointed dig at Dinosaur Records head Rod Blocker, Matic said recently "If the bands have the ability to bypass the record companies and get the music directly to the people, and the record companies have thereby lost their utility, the record companies should get out of the way, go the way of the dinosaurs and allow a new fan based market to develop."

Matic is the rare artist today willing to fight for what he believes in.

So, Who is Matic?

Rock Star


Industry Killer

Crazy Freak

Matic is Matic.