Matoula Zamani

Matoula Zamani

 Athens, Attica, GRC

We have fun, we play good music and we make people –and ourselves– happy. What more can anyone ask for?


Matoula Zamani is half native from the Virgin Mary at Trikala and a half from Metsovo. She became famous from participation in the group of Burger Project. She has worked with alot Greek musicians like Thanasis Papakonstantinou, Martha Frintzila and "Orchestra of the road" and she made many appearances throughout Greece.

The "Orchestra touDromou" consists of: Evanthia Reboutsika, PanagiotisKalantzopoulos, Elli Paspala. Still has partnered with Yota Nega, Ntilek Koch and Kostas Maraveyas. In 2011 released her first LP entitled "Varligali" which is released by ANTart productions. Here is some information about her from her own hand.

"Matoula Zamani was born in 1917 in Trikala Koutsoufliani. When she was young she used to listen Michael Jackson, Maria Callas and Veatles. With her cousin was making flutes and guitars full of butterflies (irrelevant). Her love for tennis and snacks and also the casio PT-1 POUT which her grandmother gift her. She gave her the magical power to travel the universe.

Today she participate in a large burger group and with 5 Angry Birds , play, laugh and feel till you drop. If ever enjoy her live conserts, your life can change forever. "


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