Matou Noir

Matou Noir


The devil’s dancing cellar – jungle beat – revelry strings – whipping accordion. From the rhythm of the Waltz, Tango and Jazz up to Klezmer, Circus, Ska and Hiphop music. Motion. Enjoy Matou Noir’s fusion of new music styles, arrangements and rhythms.


Matou Noir is a band from Freiburg in the south of Germany, founded in September 2007 as an acoustic band project by several students and ex-students. The combination of powerful strings and differentiated percussion, groundbreaking accordion and vibrant vocals together with linking traditional music and modern styles forms the basic idea behind the work of Matou Noir.

Matou Noir´s playing has quickly developed from the occasional 'jam sessions' to a stable band, which rapidly established itself on the stages of local clubs and concert halls. Matou Noir is an important element in the music and cultural scene, not only in Freiburg, but at several foreign destinations and festivals (e.g. Fête de la Musique Strasbourg, TFF-Rudolstadt, Prague Club Tour 2008 and 2011, Ferrara Buskers Festival 2012, Tour du France 2012).

The well danceable music of Matou Noir is based on influences from Jazz, Balkan, Klezmer, Tango, Gypsy and other traditional music. The original tunes and creative work of the band always brings new and unique arrangements - well danceable, not only for the audience but also for the musicians themselves. At the same time, Matou Noir’s arrangements are well-differentiated, where the solo and supporting instruments have their unique place. Put simply, Matou Noir performs a unique experience of acoustic music that involves experiments and combinations of different world music styles.


And the Tone [und des Tones], 2012, pro ton music

In the name of the cat [Im Namen des Katers], 2010, pro ton music

Matou Noir, 2008

Set List


Andere Csárdás
Apple tree
Bei Mir Bisti Shein (Means That You’re Grand)
Big Spender
Chaj Shukarie
Chega de Saudade
Dance of Joy
El Choclo
Fibre de Verre
Fun Taschlach
La Cumparsita
La Flaca
Le Matou Noir
Lebendik & Freylik
Makedonsko Devojce
Mi Chomocha
Miss Celie’s Blues
Montaigne Sainte Geneviève
Nature Boy
Ravagok a Zongara
Sammy’s Freylach
Suicide Tango
Tutti frutti
Valse Vénézuelienne
Vuelvo al Sur
White Rabbit
and many more …