Los Angeles, California, USA


Landon Newsom prematurely familiarized herself with struggles that never meet most until their eldest of years. There is a comfort with dying, as well as living, which many cease to understand. Matriarch successfully captures the darkness in this unity, without tarnishing the beauty.

When most children are watching cartoons and reading children’s books, Landon distanced herself from reality with a balance of Trent Reznor’s perfectly riddled lyrics and morbid literature about cancer and the battles accompanying. When she was 16 years old, Landon was presented with the opportunity to face the death she had previously only read about. But blood cell counts weren’t the last contender to her innocence.

Darkness inevitably cloaks her verses, yet every ballad is saturated in alluring anticipation of resolution between the pain of death and the elegance of living. Breathtaking variables of this perplexing apprehension pour into her enchanting live performances, as well. Both in life and in studio, Matriarch resolves enough of the mystery of death to charm your innocence, all the while developing a new pure form of depth and curiosity.

Matriarch composed an EP, Show Me, worthy of more than just a listen; she summons you to hear her heart…and yours.