Mats Öberg - Jonas Knutsson - Haci Tekbilek

Mats Öberg - Jonas Knutsson - Haci Tekbilek


Three maestros from different traditions in a constellation that has everything: Traditional swedish and turkish folk music combined with the most up to date keyboard and saxophone expressions.

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Mats Öberg: Many cd's with the Mats and Morgan Group.
Recorded with many swedish artists, with Frank Zappa and his own trio and solo records. One duo cd with Jonas Knutsson. The next one will be released this fall.
Jonas Knutsson has led several own groups and participated in many others in the world, swedish folk or jazz idiom.
Haci Tekbilek has recorded on more than 1000 turkish records and during his time in Sweden he recorded with Oriental Wind in 1975 and with Lena Willemark in 2007 for example.