We are a 5-piece band: bass, percussion, backing vocals and myself on piano, lead vocals and guitar. An international group with a broad musical repertoire, soul-jazz, folk, Latin and African. I write the songs but their interpretation is collaborative, combining serious musicianship with soul.


Classically trained pianist Matshidiso (pronounced Mat-sea-dee-so, a South African name meaning blessing or consolation) is a composer, arranger and singer-songwriter from London, England. She also plays guitar and experiments with percussion. With musical influences from French chanson and folk to world music, jazz, hip-hop and gospel, Matshidiso's unique fusion of styles adds up to a delightful, unique and soulful sound.

With a background in human rights law, Matshidiso has a passion for combining music and social justice. She has worked in Ethiopia with an anti sex-trafficking organization and as a relief worked in Haiti soon after the 2010 earthquake. More recently she set up a education program facilitating arts and educational workshops for male inmates at a juvenile prison in the UK.

Her EP, Nursery Rhymes for Grown Folks, a collection of well-known nursery rhymes adapted for an adult audience, was released in June 2012. She has also released original material, The Water and Running both available on iTunes. Her debut album is set for release early 2014.