Mats Oberg and Jonas Knutsson

Mats Oberg and Jonas Knutsson


On a summer’s day in 1981 I met Mats Öberg for the first time. I was 16 and did a recording for the local radio station in our home town Umeå with Mats’ cousin. He was 10 years old and when I asked him how he liked the music he said: "Fine but E5 on the piano is out of tune". We've played ever since



Piano, keyboards, harmonica, vocal. Born 1971

Mats plays in Mats/Morgan band, with drummer Morgan Agren since childhood. Has also played with Mats Oberg Trio, Ale Moller Band, Lena Willemark, Frank Zappa and many others including his own trio and solo work.

Having played in Hot Rats (a band he had formed with Morgan Ågren) in the early eighties and in Zappsteetoot (an 8-piece band that played Frank Zappa's music) in the late eighties, Mats Öberg ( & Morgan Ågren) sat in with the Zappa band in 1988 during the Stockholm performance. Since then Mats (& Morgan) have released and contributed to a fine bunch of albums.

In 1991, Mats took part in the "Zappa's Universe" concert series.

Between 1994 and 1996, Mats & Morgan performed Zappa's music as Frank Zappa Memorial Barbeque.

In 2000 he performed with the Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest, playing Frank Zappa's "200 Motels Suite".

In 2003 he played Frank Zappa compositions with Denny Walley's Zappa Corner Band and with Ed Palermo's Big Band at The Umeå Internationella Kammarmusik Festival.

July 2004, the Mats / Morgan Band performed at the "Zappanale" festival in Bad Doberan, Germany. Shortly thereafter, the band toured the USA.

September 2006, the MusikFabrik performed music by Zappa and by Varèse. The band had been gathered by Ali N.Askin, and included keyboardist Mats Öberg and drummer Morgan Ågren as special guests.


Born 1965 i Umea, Sweden sopranino, soprano, alto och barytonsaxophonist; composer and teacher
Jazz-folkmusician inspired by jazz, scandinavian folk singers och fiddlers, Jojk, west african, north- and southindian music (karnatic). Has played in Cabazz, Mynta, Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble, Enteli, Nordan, Encore (jazz i Sweden 1990), Triptyk, Larbre Voyage (Bertrand Renaudin, France) Varldsorkestern, Stockholm Folk Big Band, Hodos Quartet (Olivier Cahours, Frankrike), Turbulent silence (Bertrand Renaudin,Frankrike), Paavo, Gushpanka, Jonas Knutsson band, Jonas Knutsson kvartett, Norrland (Johan Norberg/Jonas Knutsson), Berger Knutsson Spering, and Horn Please.



selective discography
agamon: open your eyes
(1993, cd, sw, mellotronen cd 006) - feat. morgan Agren, mats Öberg
various artists: zappa's universe
(1993, cd, nl, verve 513575-2) - incl. various zappa band alumni performing frank zappa's compositions
various artists: choice morsels
(1993, cd, usa, verve/polygram) - incl. various zappa band alumni performing frank zappa's compositions
simon steensland: the zombie hunter (2)
(1995, cd, ??, ad perpetuam memoriam) - feat.mats Oberg, morgan Agren
mats / morgan: trends and other diseases (1)
(1996, cd, swe, ultimate audio entertainment uae disc 1) - feat. mats Oberg, morgan & jimmy Agren
jimmy Agren: get this into your head
(1996, cd, swe, uae) - feat. mats öberg, produced by morgan ågren
various artists: the music of captain beefheart
(1996, cd ,swe, uae) - feat. morgan ågren, d.walley, jimmy ågren, mats öberg; all compositions by don van vliet
fredrik thordendal's special defects: sol niger within
(1997, cd, swe, ultimate audio entertainment uae disc 4) - feat. mats öberg, morgan ågren
sten sandell - simon steensland: under öknar
(1997, cd, swe, ultimate audio entertainment uae disc 6) - feat.mats öberg and morgan ågren
mats / morgan: the music or the money… (2)
(1997, cd, swe, ultimate audio entertainment uae disc 7) - feat. mats öberg, morgan & jimmy ågren
mats öberg & g.u.b.b.: välling & fotogen
(1998, cd, swe, ultimate audio entertainment uae disc 8)
mats / morgan: radio da da (3)
(1998, cd, swe, ultimate audio entertainment uae disc 9) - feat. mats öberg, morgan & jimmy ågren
mats / morgan: the teenage tapes (4)
(1998, cd, swe, ultimate audio entertainment uae disc 10) - feat. mats öberg, morgan ågren
hans annéllsson: one more time for the world
(1999, cd, swe, annellsongs) - incl. 'uncle meat', 'king kong', 'the black page', 'oh no' (frank zappa) - feat. mats öberg, morgan agren
simon steensland: led circus (3)
(1999, cd, sw, ultimate audio entertainment) - feat.mats öberg, morgan ågren
jimmy ågren: glass finger ghost
(2001, cd,; swe, uae) - feat.mats öberg, morgan ågren
mats / morgan: live (5)
(2001, cd, swe, ultimate audio entertainment uae disc 13) - feat. mats öberg, morgan & jimmy ågren
mats / morgan: on air with guests (6)
(2002, cd, swe, ultimate audio entertainment uae disc 15) - feat. mats öberg, morgan & jimmy ågren
various artists: zappanale # 15
(2004, 3cd, ger, arf society) – incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions
mats / morgan band: thanks for flying with us
(2005, cd, usa, cuneiform) - feat. mats öberg, morgan & jimmy ågren
mats / morgan band: heat beats live + tourbook 1991-2007
(2008, cd+dvd, usa, cuneifrom rune 265-266)

VADÅRÅ VADÅRÅ (Jonas Knutsson + Mats Öberg)
CD, SEG 1995 (SEGCD-1)
1. Jamarianne / 2. Softma / 3. Frasse / 4. Flower In The Sky / 5. Magneton / 6. Färdtjänst Till Saturnus / 7. Container 610 / 8. Längtan / 9. Pygmes / 10. Take Off / 11. Jag Väger Dimman / 12. Grobian Karavan / 13. Herr Bofink

VÄLLING & FOTOGEN (Mats Öberg & G.U.B.B.)
CD, UAE 1998 (UAE DISC 8)
1. Prelumeå / 2. Alva / 3. Ostöga / 4. Over The Rubber Sky / 5. Välling & Fotogen / 6. Hotell Boulogne / 7. God Only Knows / 8. Middag Hos Baltazar / 9. Uppstekt Välling

CD, Moserobie 2006 (MMP CD 043)

2007 Jonas Knutsson ”Horn Please” CE08 Country & Eastern
2006 Thomas Tidholm/Jonas Knutsson ”Himlen har inga hal" PPCD 03 Paraphon
2005 Jonas Knutsson/Johan Norberg ”Cow Cow” ACT 9425-2 ACT Music
2005 Bengt Berger Jonas Knutsson Christian Spering & Friends "See you in a minute. Memories of Don Cherry" CE 03 Country & Eastern
2004 Berger Knutsson Spering ”Up Close” CE04 Country & Eastern
2004 Jonas Knutsson/Johan Norberg ”Norrland” GAFCD1066 Gazell Records/ ACT 9014-2 ACT Music
2003 Mirja Mäkelä/Berger Knutsson Spering ”Arco Iris” IMPALA 007 Texicalli Records OY
2002 Jonas Knutsson Quartet ”Jonas Knutsson Quartet” Tmc CD 018 Touche Music
2001 Triptyk ”Midwinternights mass” 8573-85817-2 Warner Atrium
2001 Berger Knutsson Spering "Live vol 2 at Mosebacke with Bobo Stenson" AMCD 890 Amigo
2001 Berger Knutsson Spering "Live vol 1 at Glenn Miller Café" AMCD 889 Amigo
1999 Ale Moller/Jonas Knutsson ”Latitudes Crossing” 3984-29704-2 Warner/Atrium
1998 Triptyk ”Triptyk” 3984-22197-2 Warner Atrium
1997 Jonas Knutsson ”Malgomaj” WPCS-10058 Warner/Atrium
1997 Berger Knutsson Spering "Om natten" AMCD 890 Amigo
1997 Jonas Knutsson ”Flower in the Sky” (compilation) JCD 04002 ACT Music
1997 Enteli "Enteli live" AMCD 738 Amigo
1996 Lena Willemark/Ale Moller "Agram" ECM 1610 ECM
1995 Jonas Knutsson/Mats Oberg ”Vadara Vadara” SEGCD-1 Seg Records
1995 Enteli "Sagan om ringen" SRPROF 637 Sveriges Radio
1994 Jonas Knutsson ”Lust” CAP 21459 Caprice Records
1994 Enteli "Enteli" PSCD 77 Phono Suecia

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Our teamwork is not all that much about the compositions any more; rather they are excuses to make music and have fun together enjoying common threads of thought and feeling.
The samples will give you a rough idéa.