Matt Bishop

Matt Bishop


Ascap member, songwriter, 20 year guitar player, had the song "Every Page I Turn" on the first ballot for Song of the year for the 2011 Grammys. A natural ear for writing songs. Passionate musician with a musical vision to make the music business a better listening environment.Music soothes the soul.


Guitar center employee and lover of music. My good friend 70's billboard artist and 45 year touring veteran and songwriter Jonathan Edwards lent me his vocals for the song Every Page I Turn which got me a nod on the first ballot list for the Grammys. My influences are wide, Led Zep, Motown, Funk, Acoustic, James Taylor, anything that makes me want to groove and gives me that good shiver we get when something grabs us and touches us in a surreal and enigmatic way. Peoples truest colors shine bright amidst the darkest storms. That's how i see music. I write my music for people to relate to and hope that it affects them in a profound and good way. I climb in between the notes on the music staff lines and find my purpose.


Every page i turn

Written By: Matthew Bishop

Every page it turn Every day i yearn for you Chorus
When are you coming back to me
Every night i learn why did our bridges burn
When are you coming back to me

Every night it seems i don't get what i need Verse
I look to you and you just turn the other way
The games that people play
is everyones life a stage
maybe it's time to make a change

Every time I reach for you Pre Chorus
can you feel my pain
help me find my way back to you

The day we walked the aisle Verse
the way you looked the way you smiled
promises of a brand new start
but as the years went buy
we ran out of things to try
how did we drift so far apart
Pre chorus

Sax solo over chorus
Break down with Chorus and then outro