Matt Boerum

Matt Boerum

 Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

Thinking outside the box in a DIY era, Matt Boerum creatively merges the breach of indie & rock into a new age of alternative.  Melodic attitude reminiscent of 90s alt rock carries the pain of a broken soul to drive this progressive & rocking creation of an old idea--the soul rock alternative.


Matt Boerum (born April 9, 1982) is an American singer-songwriter from the small town of Union Bridge in northern Maryland (population 1,057). Growing up as a shy, middle child of five in an isolated countryside of fields and open air, Matt had little to do but let his imagination run wild. Perhaps it's that isolation that led him to develop such a prominent voice in his debut album "Cold Hearted Disaster"--a voice that demands to be heard.

With a natural flair for evoking feeling through his music, this 80's kid, raised on 50's, 60's and 70's soul and rock n roll, found his signature, passionate vocal style through a combination of his upbringing and the aggravation embellished by his heroes of the 90's alt rock scene.

Matt's songs range from energy driven hard rock to deeply soulful tracks, where every note bleeds with captivating emotion.

Matt Boerum's debut album, "Cold Hearted Disaster" (written, produced and recorded by Matt) released February 11, 2012 after two long years of work.


Feels Like Hell - single, April 23, 2011 Release
Cold Hearted Disaster - album, February 11, 2012 Release

Set List

10-14 songs. 1 or 2 covers.