Matt Brown

Matt Brown



Stepping away from his roots as lead guitar player for The Baseboard Heaters, Matt Brown is now focusing on becoming a singer and songwriter.

Brown’s music tends to tread all over the map, including disparate influences such as the Replacements, Nick Drake, the Zombies, Flaming Lips, the Sonics, and Wilco, just to name a few.

Brown has spent time as side man for other bands such as Mike Coykendall, AC Cotton, Pete Droge, Stephen Ashbrook, Jaime Wyatt, TheDonOfDivisionStreet, and others. His music has appeared on the Fox television show “Reunion”. Having recorded an unreleased EP w/ Pete Droge at Puzzle Tree Studios, Brown has finally put together a full fledged rock outfit.

Matt Brown is currently working on a new recording, which is due out by the Fall of 2006. The newer recordings include lots of Moog, old drum machines, Optigan, and nylon string guitar.


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Set List

30-40 minute set, one cover.