Matt Brown

Matt Brown

 Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

Matt Brown is producing new, memorable music for the world to enjoy.


I grew up on the island of Amoy in southeast China, returning to Los Angeles every few years to visit family. My parents started me on piano at age six, which I studied through my freshman year of college. When I turned thirteen I formed a metal band with some buddies and opted to learn the drums. We were on the radio and had a local following. Towards the end, we were offered a contract by a major record label in Beijing, which our lead guitarist tried to convince me to sign, but I was worn out by all the metal. My right ear had lost a little hearing from beating the crash cymbal so hard. At one show, I actually broke my cymbal right down the middle.

I picked up the guitar the same time as drums, learning it by writing my own songs. When I was nineteen I returned to the States for college. I released my first EP, Simplicity, in 2014, and am working on a full-length album. The rest of the story is still unfolding.