Matt Cash

Matt Cash


Matt Cash's music is extremely well written, well produced modern country. The songs are catchy and fun while the lyrics are captivating and resonate with today's modern country fan.


Matt Cash was born and raised in Southern California. He received a Master’s Degree in Education at the University of California Riverside. He has been playing the guitar, writing music, and singing in bands for over 10 years.

He has performed at such venues as Soboba Casino (Hemet), the Mint (Los Angeles), the Hub (Fullerton), and at various Universities throughout Southern California.

In addition to playing music, Matt is a devoted husband and father of three children. He lives with his family in Moreno Valley, and spends his time teaching the 6th grade, leading his gospel band, and singing jingles for commercials.

As a songwriter, Matt has worked on numerous projects in a variety of genres. Some of these include two progressive rock/metal albums with the band Frameshift, featuring James LeBris of Dreamtheater and Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, and the progressive rock opera, Baby Steps, featuring Michael Sadler of Saga. As a vocalist and writer, Matt himself was featured on two prog/ metal albums with the band Chain and a compilation album called Thirteen Days. As a solo artist, Matt has released a rock album called Crash Down.

In his latest project, Western Country, Matt has finally been able to express himself in a style of music he is most passionate about - country. He recorded this album with world renowned composer and producer, Henning Pauly. He and Henning have created a modern country sound that incorporates southern rock elements and features exceptional guitar picking, strong melodies and great hooks.



Written By: Matt Cash

Picture frames face down
Twenty miles from your town
Wearing the same sweatshirt that you always wore
When I was something you adored
My heart’s still in places
I can still feel the taste of
It stays on my lips till the tears they finally reach it yeah
And I can barely breathe in

And everything of you I think of
Would burn up faster if I’d pour some gasoline on

As soon as I can find a match I’ll burn down everything we had
So tell me what you think of that and don’t look back like you feel said

Love unexpected
Gave me all that I wanted
Complete with a leash just incase things ever got bad
And sure enough you took it back
Now it ain’t like I’m dying
But it ain’t like I’m living
Just waiting for something to move me up outta here
Blue Diamond strike ‘em anywhere

You know it doesn’t mean a thing
I’m hurt and this is how I’m dealing
Forgive me why won’t you just forgive me why won’t you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

You know I’ll never find a match and never burn a thing we had
It’s not as if you’re gonna take me back you’ll just be the best I ever had

I Ain't As Country

Written By: Matt Cash

A tractor pull and rhinestones
Ain’t nothing that I really say I know
But I can boot scoot and electric slide
I just can’t do ‘em when I in a line
I’m a redneck now and then
After a day in Fontana racing
I stick to Bud ‘cause it’s American
But I got some family that likes Jeff Gordon

I ain’t as country as I’d like to be
I’m just a product of the west coast scene
My cowboy hat was made in Waikiki
But I wear my boots and rock a Garth CD

Yeah my mama owns a ranch
But the Benz in the drive belongs to dad
Yeah I can’t lie I got a Mercedes too
But the speaker sings about a Boy Named Sue
I got bucked off when I was ten
But I got right up on the horse again
Of all the rings I got ain’t one of them Skoal
No trailer here I own a plain track home

I ain’t as country as I’d like to be
I’m just a product of the west coast scene
My cowboy had was made in Waikiki
But I wear my boots and rock a Dolly/Maiden/Skynard CD
I’m pretty sure Nashville will laugh at me
Say boy there ain’t enough twang when you sing
But ya’ll can two step to my heart beat
Still I ain’t as country as I’d like to be

Now I sang pop and rock n roll was in a band that did metal
Sung in church and coffee shops covered U2 and Matchbox Twenty-
Five year I’ve been living listen to Rick chicken picking
And I’ve had a Second Helping of the Straight and Country Road

Come Back Love

Written By: Matt Cash

Babies cry as they’re coming in
Take a breath fifty years they’ll take it back again
Mama blinks and her son is wed
Son blinks and his mama’s dead
Some are killed for what they believe
Others take a bullet for a dream
Take a bath in a southern street
Wash the blood from you till you’re clean

Come back Love
Your people are hurting
Come back Love
And forgive (the rest of) us
Come back Love

Models on the front of a magazine
Don’t make little girls feel ugly
It’s the rest of us who are blind and think
There’s only one way to be pretty
Devil’s wearing a white robe
Grab his hand and he’ll let you go
Pain is always a passing thing
Be strong cause it passes frequently


Western Country, 2006
"A Song For Him" got radio play on KSGN (89.3) and KFRG (95.1).
"Match" and "I Ain't as Country" featured on podcast and several Brave New Frontier podcasts.

Set List

All or most of the songs on the current album; 14 songs, 40 to 90 minute set.