Rusted Nails

Rusted Nails


Rusted Nails is currently a rock/blues/alternative oriented band performing original songs based on introspective exploration of personal thoughts/ feelings/ with existential/social/political/relationship themes common to everyone.


Rusted Nails was born in the spring of 2004 when Matt Chambers(an elementary school art teacher) was invited by a mutual friend to sit in on drums for a jam session at Mike Williams(a construction worker) garage. The garage jams were weekend parties that could be described as "stoned soup" sessions with each player adding a piece of the musical mosaic.
Over time Mike, a punk and metal influenced bassist and Matt, a rock, blues, folk oriented guitarist found common ground playing at covers of some of their favorite artists such as Neil Young, Tom Petty, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Green Day, Ramones, Red Hot Chillipeppers and others.
More importantly Mike and Matt discovered each others desire to write and perform original songs publicly and started learning each others existing songs and writing new material as well.
As a wide range of musical talents passed in and out through the garage door Matt and Mike remained steadfast and developed more and more of their original songs and built up quite a catalog of catchy riffs and hook laden tunes dealing with relationships past and present, existential, social and political issues, and just plain old rockin' fun.
Around this time Mike and Matt began pressing the bands direction by announcing their intention that the band be performing gigs on a regular basis, traveling to promote the band, earn what could be earned, sell cd’s and t-shirts, to be a working band. It was necessary to know who was truly with the band and who was just hanging out before heading out of the garage.
Departures of the faint of heart soon followed. With that Matt and Mike began booking and playing gigs, hauling gear, loosing sleep, recording original material for a demo cd, and learning the ropes of the band business.
In the spring of 2005 Rusted Nails entered a contest to be "House Band" for Raleigh NC radio station WRAV, "The River". Out of over two dozen bands, including eventual House Band winners Jociefus Rifle, Rusted Nails placed fourth in a market where we were not known at all.
The spring/summer of 2006 was especially productive for Rusted Nails following the self release of our self made, self titled 10 song debut cd.
Rusted Nails has performed many (3-4 10 song sets) at nightclubs around southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina plus a number of benefit shows for causes such as Relay For Life, M.S. Walk, and a local firemans association.

Currently our favorite place to play( Usually a 15 song set) is at Zakk's Coffeehouse in Murfreesboro, NC where we had the privilage of opening for EuroRock 2006, a tour of international bands (MidTerm Break, The State of Pangea, Feddy and others) from England, Switzerland, Russia, and Egypt promoted by Lou Ricca of BackStagePass Productions. We have since rocked the house six more times at Zakk's.
With the recent addition of power drummer Zakk Royce laying heavy beats on drums Rusted Nails has boiled down to its essential core of Mike Williams on bass and vocals, Matt Chambers with guitars/harps and vocals and Zakk Royce on drums.
Rusted Nails is fast becoming known around northeastern NC and southeastern VA for it’s hard driving, multi-layered, rock/alternative/pop/blues styles of original music.

Our current plan is to focus on recording for our second cd collection, obtain appropriate management, continuing the search for "our audience" and to promote the band to the highest level we can achieve.



Written By: Matthew Chambers

I can’t tell you baby what I’m doing this for.
I’m so obsessed I’m camping outside your door.
It feels so good but they say it’s a crime.
Got to be near you baby all of the time.
Pheromone spell comes over me.
Try to fight it but I can’t break free.
Like a shooting star lights up the night.
A moth too close to the fire light.
They say I’ll die living for you day to day.
Begging for crumbs you might throw away.
A look, a glance, a kick or a shove.
I’d be your dog to get some of your love.
I can’t tell you baby what I’m doing this for.
My soul’s possessed, waiting to be saved by your love.
You’re an infection that’s inside of me.
My will is gone baby, mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy!

Running Out Of Time

Written By: Michael Williams

I’ve been dying a little each day, Since the day I was born.
And I’ve been trying a little each day, To see the setting sun.
It’s kind of funny how life goes,
Work your fingers to the bone.
It’s kind of funny how it feels,
When you know that it’s for real.
Running out of time and I’m gonna lose my mind,
If I don’t get to where I’m going ‘fore the sun goes down.
Running out of time, ain’t no use in looking back.
I gotta get to where I’m going ‘fore the sun goes down.
I’ve been living a little each day,
Since the day I was born.
And I’ve been giving a little each day,
Just to see the setting sun.
Running out of time and I’m gonna lose my mind,
If I don’t get to where I’m going ‘fore the sun goes down.
Running out of time, ain’t no use in looking back.
I gotta get to where I’m going ‘fore the sun goes down.


Written By: Matthew Chambers

What do we teach the little ones?
You know a child is like a sponge
They grow and soak up everything
Good fairies, jokers, and evil kings.
What do we do and what do we say?
What are the games we teach’em to play?
We fill’em with fear, we fill’em with doubt
Get what we give when the sponge gets wrung out.

Who’ll be there to fill their needs,
To tend the garden, keep out weeds?
The seeds we sow will grow some way.
Will they bear fruit or just blow away?

Johnny wants to be President.
Norma wants to be a movie star.
Jimmi just wants to play Rock and roll.
How will they know if they’ve gone too far?
Raised on dreams and fairy tales.
Set ‘em up, watch ‘em fail.
For all the gifts that we provide
Will they stand or run and hide?

You say you don’t understand kids today,
Look in the mirror, now what do you say?
They run in the streets that we made.
Their anger is the price that we pay.

We teach’em how to hate,
We teach’em how to love,
Teach’em to pray to God above.
We teach’em how to lie and how to steal,
And how to scrounge up their next meal.
We teach’em to be cool,
Teach’em to be cruel,
Teach’em the truth,
Or that you just don’t know.
Teach’em how to look you in the eye,
How to laugh, how to cry.

Teach’em, teach’em, teach’em
Teach’em, teach’em, teach’em oh!
What you gonna teach’em?
When they’re watching you, watching you,
Watching, watching, watching,
What’re you gonna do?
When they’re watching you?
What’re you gonna do?
When they’re watching you, watching you,
Watching, watching, watching,
What’re you gonna do
When they’re watching you?


Our sole relase so far is our self-produced, self-recorded, self-titled 10 song cd "Rusted Nails" which we offer for sale at gigs.
CD song list:
1. Let It Go (Mike Williams)
2. Check It Out (M.Chambers)
3. Hooked (M.Williams)
4. I Look Into Your Eyes (M.Chambers)
5. Living In The Country (M.Chambers & M. Williams)
6.Looking For A Change (M.Chambers)
7. Mercy (M. Chambers)
8. Running Out Of Time (M.Williams)
9. September Girl (M.Chambers)
10. Teach'em (M. Chambers)

So far no radio airplay that we know of.

Set List

Our typical set list consists mainly original songs such as:
Let It Go
Hurricane Love
Sergeant Pepper's Dead
Check It Out
Living In The Country
Running Out Of Time
I Didn't Mean To
My Baby's Gone
Long Time Blues
Can't Leave It Alone
I Look Into Your Eyes
Edge Of Love
Looking For A Change
September Girl
At The Beach
The Way It Is
Who I Am
Susan Jones
You Don't Get Me
No Saints, Just Sinners
What Is It Anyway?
My Baby's Gone

Additionally we try to insert a few covers performed our way to peak the audience interest such as:
Otherside-RedHot Chilipeppers
MaryJanes Last Dance- Tom Petty&Heartbreakers
Who Will Save Your Soul- Jewell
18- Alice Cooper
Cinnamon Girl/Out of the Blue Into The Black/ Rocking In The Free World- Neil Young
Blue On Black- Kenny Wayne Shepperd
All Along The Watchtower-BobHendricksJimiDylan???