Matt Champagne

Matt Champagne

 Los Angeles, California, USA

From sarcastic one-liners to well-placed puns, from dead-on impressions of New York City pimps, nine-year-old spelling bee contestants and Nancy Grace, Matt Champagne's frantic energy and clever comic mind combine witty wordplay with unabashed goofiness. He'll make you do that laughing thing.


Matt Champagne is an actor and comedian based in Los Angeles.

He's performed at the Ontario, Irvine and Hollywood Improvs, The Laugh Factory, The World Famous Comedy Store, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, The Acme Comedy Theatre, The Ice House, The Comedy Union, Rooster T. Feathers, The San Francisco Punchline and The Shreveport Funnybone. Matt Champagne has opened and/or featured for national headliners like Nick Swardson, Christopher Titus, Jon Reep, Tom Rhodes and Jamie Kennedy and Natasha Leggero.

Matt has been making his living acting in various TV shows, movies and commercials for many years now: TV stuff like "Providence," "Will and Grace," "Working," "The Tick," "Angel," "Monk," "CSI Miami," "Boston Legal," "The Ghost Whisperer," "'Til Death," "Numbers," "Retired ta 35" and "Miss Match" with Alicia Silverstone who--Matt has convinced himself--had a crush on him; movie stuff like "The Continued Adventures of Reptile Man," "The Pentagon Wars" (almost typed "Pentagon Warts"), "The Specials," "For Christ’s Sake," and "Crime and Punishment in Suburbia." He played Piper Perabo’s husband in the Diane Keaton film "Because I Said So," something for which THEY paid HIM. His commercial work includes ads for Home Depot, McDonald’s, Jack-in-the Box, IHOP, PODS, Dell Computer, Sprint, IMAX, and AT&T.