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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF | AFM

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Electronic Electro


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review – “May You Live in Interesting Times” – MATT dorgan PROJECT"

Matt Dorgan uses the saxophone, an instrument that brings to mind sensuous emotions and free-from melodies, as the centre point for electronic pop songs. It’s not the most logical pairing, but it is one that the Saskatoon-born Ottawa resident pulls off with panache.

Dorgan’s music has been described as “jazzy electronic fuzz”, and it is a label that fits his newest release, the three-song EP “May You Live in Interesting Times”, rather well. The instrumentation and smooth approach to melody evoke Dorgan’s jazz background, which is combined in the music with syncopated drumbeats and wavy electronics.

The EP is bookended with instrumental tracks, but the real stand-out is “Falling Down” in the middle of the release, complete with a 4/4 baseline and a weaving sax solo complementing the smooth repeated refrain of the title phrase.

The combination of Dorgan being an accomplished saxophone player as well as a solid pop musician makes listening to this release an interesting time indeed.

Rating: Strong hoot (Good)

Top Track: “Falling Down” - Gray Owl Point

"Review – “May You Live in Interesting Times” – MATT dorgan PROJECT"

Saskatoon native Matt Dorgan has a restless soul and his musical bent is in fusing analogue and electric sounds to create what he describes as jazzy electronic fuzz. I'd call it Getz meets Koz but it's your call. May You Live In Interesting Times, Dorgan's latest adventure, is a blissful electro-lounge triplet, highlighted by his coaxing tenor saxophone lilt on the opening track-"Winter on the Prairies looking back at me (video to match below)."

David Farrell - New Canadian Music

"MATT dorgan PROJECT – Winter On The Prairies Looking Back At Me video"

I recently had the good fortune of seeing the video for Winter On The Prairies Looking Back At Me by the MATT dorgan PROJECT. The tune grabbed me right away. It’s well worth a listen!

Matt, who hails from Saskatchewan and now calls Ottawa home, described the video by saying, “It’s a bit of a love song to Saskatchewan, and I used winter footage sourced from SK to make this video.”

As Matt puts it, “Extreme DIY is the vision for the MATT dorgan PROJECT. Looping, mixing and DJing 5 different instruments by myself live. Think Big Gigantic meets Mr. Woodnote.” Alan Cross describes his sound as “Jazzy electric fuzz“.

Whatever you want to call, I like it……and I want to hear more. - Spotlight Ottawa

"Artist: MATT dorgan PROJECT “Winter On The Prairies Looking Back At Me”"

The saxophone is a great conveyor of heavy emotion and it absolutely melts on this one from Saskatchewan’s Matt Dorgan. - Alan Cross

"One Man Band Festival - Performance Review"

Next up was the MATT dorgan PROJECT, who rocked the audience with his sensual vocals and incredible musical diversity. Starting off by playing the saxophone and then soon moving onto the keyboard, this one-man band wowed the crowd with his brilliant use of looping (a repeating section of sound material), which allowed him to play with multiple sounds at the same time.

When he wasn't singing, recording or playing one of his many instruments, Matt was dancing on the floor and keeping the audience alive with his energy. He played several songs off his album New York City Soundtrack, ending his set with “Sax is Dead”, an amazing song that really exemplified his musical talents. - The Main Montreal

"More is not always merrier"

Saskatoon native Matt Dorgan moved to Ottawa for work but is staying for the music.

“I am amazed at how supportive and co-operative the Ottawa scene is,” Dorgan explains. “I’ve had the opportunity to play in many different cities over the years, and I can honestly say that this city has, by far, the best vibe and sense of camaraderie.”

That local support system comes in handy for Dorgan, who is reinventing himself as a solo artist after parting ways with his three-piece rock outfit. Dorgan says he found it difficult to maintain a band with a busy touring schedule.

“I was always searching for bandmates and session musicians to record with. It wasn’t until I came to Ottawa that I decided to focus on being a one-man band, which pretty much allows me to play anywhere, anytime without the need of finding session musicians or a backup band for live shows.”

When he started his new project, Dorgan decided to take a step away from rock and challenge himself by creating songs without using a guitar. That’s where his classical training comes in.

“For some reason,” he says, “I was always against bringing my sax to band rehearsals. I couldn’t ever see it fitting with the music I was creating at the time. I am approaching songwriting differently than I was before and am finding that the sax has been the missing link.”

Now that he’s found the missing link, he’s having a great time putting it all together.

“Building songs in front of the crowd is always a bunch of fun because their vibe really affects which direction I take the song at that moment,” says Dorgan.

“Making heavy use of a loop pedal and six different instruments, I find it can yield some very surprising results.”
- Metro News - Jen Traplin


Breaking Radio Silence (2015)
Battle of Batoche (2014)
May You Live in Interesting Times (2013)
New York City Soundtrack (2012)



Extreme DIY is the vision for the MATT dorgan PROJECT. A one-man-band playing, looping, mixing and DJing 5 different instruments by himself live. Think Bonobo meets Big Gigantic  -  Jazzy Electronic Fuzz

MdP invites crowds to be his real-time video projection director at his shows by passing around a Tablet that controls the visual on the spot.

MdP delivers a year-long residency at Milestones Ottawa in 2014

MdP is will be on tour in Oct to promote his first single off Battle of Batoche his upcoming album Breaking Radio Silence

MdP performed his album New York City Soundtrack in Times Square NYC, 9 Nov 2013

MdP Released his EP "May you live in interesting times" in June 2013 (Alan Cross - "I like this"

MdP headlined Montreal's One Man Band Festival May 2013 (Review here:

MdP opened for MSTRKRFT on the Electro stage at RBC Ottawa Bluesfest

MdP has charted in Canadian markets with radio airplay across the country and continues to chart in many markets

MdP has been described as Jazzy Electronic Fuzz by Alan Cross (

Musically, the MATT dorgan PROJECT fuses analogue and electric sounds together to create a unique alternative/electronic/jazz style of music.

Im really just stealing from two art forms; pop and jazz, says Dorgan. Mash these two concepts together and you have the basis for his LP New York City Soundtrack.

After years spent performing various genres, Dorgans music has finally come full circle.

I always find it fascinating to look back and see how each experience has led me down the path to where I am now, he says. Listening back to old recordings and demos, it has actually been quite a natural progression from the hard rock I was making to the analogue/electric feel and sounds I am making now.

These days, Dorgan is approaching the process of building a song in a completely different way. Part of that involves creating some of his songs in front of a live audience.

My roots in jazz have really pushed me to create a new experience and sound each time I play a song, bringing the energy of live music to the forefront, he explains. Building songs in front of the crowd is fun because their vibe really affects which direction I take the song at that moment.

The result is something truly unique.

I was looking for a way to really challenge and push myself into areas of music I have never tried before, he says. The MATT dorgan PROJECT is just that; an ever evolving idea of trying different instruments, sounds, improvisation yet still presenting it in a way that invites the listener to take part in the journey.

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