Matt Durfee

Matt Durfee

 Albany, New York, USA

Matt Durfee’s enchanting, reflective songs are drawn around complex, finger-picked acoustic-guitar lines, like a cross between American Beauty (Grateful Dead) and Nick Drake’s Five Leaves Left. Honest, literate songs for a new folk future.


Raised in the Schoharie Valley, Durfee's songs reflect his rural upbringing. Leaving pretense and posturing behind, Durfee performs with an aching honesty, pushing his picking capabilities to the limit. Story songs, breath-taking instrumentals, and truly original works dominate Durfee's playing, with suprising covers and moments of lightness and laughter keeping listeners engaged.


It's a Good Life

Written By: Matt Durfee

Marry me Miss Mary Jean
My hands are washed
My clothes are clean
I've never seen the morning break
The way it did today
This moment is a memory we share
It's a good life and easy to bear

Clarity is a rarity
And indeed I'll need another drink
To help me think the whole thing thru
In my mind there these binds
That keep me here
It's a good life...

You don't know
How much I trust you
Not to be foolish with yourself
I bear the whole
Of the weight that crushed you
Because I can't do anything else

Prepare to meet disparity
It knows no bound his charity
Charming eye rolling forever 'round
The only sound is angels
Whispering in the air
It's a good life...

Bury me near the family tree
Where the earth is soft
And roots run deep
Loose end of my life could gather
To gaze upon my bones
And on my stone
A cold reminder written there
It's a good life, and easy to bear

You don't know
How much I miss you
How much I wish you would stay
I hear the moan of a lonely whistle
And I know your train
It ain't coming back
Those tracks only run one way

Etched in Red

Written By: Matt Durfee

Once again I'm trying to justify
The awful things I've been
But you keep crawling off
I keep falling from the edge
I use my heart and not my head
But at what a cost, at what expense?
"What is that supposed to mean"
They're just random thoughts
Get your point across
Use your heart, use your heart
Give me one last shot

"How am I supposed to breath,
You strangle me with love"
What am I supposed to read in that
What is she speaking of
And I see your heart is like
A little girl's, you'll never change

How am I supposed to choose I
My future or my fate
What am I supposed to do with this
Mess that you've left on my plate
And I see your heart...

Etched in Red I sketched your name
Into the broadside of my chest
And then I washed it off
When you had gone
Sat & wondered What went wrong
Tried to cast you out, to carry on
What do you hope
To achieve with this
Your dreams are so hard fought
And so often lost
Follow your heart follow your heart
And you'll not be far off

What am I supposed to be to you
Your experiment in hearts
How am I supposed to live like this
Will tomorrow never come
And I see your heart...


No solo release currently available.
Matt Durfee's guitar/vocal work is featured on the ep "Lazaretto", recorded by Palatypus and released 8/17/07 by Indian Ledge Records.

Set List

Between original and cover music, Matt is easily able to fill multi-hour timeslots (usually broken up into 45-50 minute sets). Matt occassionally delves into the Palatypus songbook during solo performances, having written about half of the material that the folk/americana group regularly plays.

The Space of a Breath
Etched in Red
A Full Head of Steam
It's a Good Life
Comedian Blues
A Blanket True
Flowers About You
Small Frames
Back From Rome
Meet You There
Melquiades (The Gypsy Song)
1000 Meoldies in One Hundred Rooms (instr.)
Leo (instr.)
The Holy Note
Beat The Drum
Patience is a Virtue (instr.)
Mountain Town (instr.)
Buried Treasure
Emily Weaver

Palatypus Songs:
Broken String
A Million Drinks
Horse to Folly
Thanksgiving Day Parade
Good Thing
Cold Comfort
All These Fires
Song for Tomorrow

Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)
Norwegian Wood (The Beatles)
Long Way Home (Tom Waits)
No Expectations (The Rolling Stones)