Matt Ellipsis [The M...]

Matt Ellipsis [The M...]

 Tomah, Wisconsin, USA
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Elohim Music. "Advancing God's Kingdom through rhythmic lyricism."


Matthew Walker, whose psuedonym is 'The M...' is a songwriter, lyricist, and producer whose music adds flavor to the rap music scene. His first release, "iMpartation" opened up many opportunities. His team has performed for Crusaders Church in Chicago, World Vision of Chicago, and various faith communites in the Chicagoland area. His first album, "iMpartation" has dynamic tracks like 'Destiny' (featuring Shalonda Sims) and 'My Sickness'. Later, The M... dropped "I Wish You Knew" which contained songs like 'Glorified Body' (featuring Murdock Haynes), My Choice (featuring Wanda Fox), and the title track which colorfully describes Christ's walk to the Cross. This amazing CD should be in everyone's CD collection. His latest project, "Face The Music" is lyrically and musically one of the best on the market. We believe that you will find many songs on this album enjoyable. For example, try "Champion" (featuring Shalonda Sims), "Betrayed" (featuring Herman Thomas), "Marching Orders" (featuring Niles Bess). You may listen to snippets of the music or view video footage on this website. The M... is available for shows and concerts, just email


"Bobyahead" from the latest album "Face The Music"

Written By: The M...

From the album entitled: Face The Music
Written by The M...
Produced by Dean Rogan and Pasi

If you hear me, you can bob your head
If you feel me, you can bob your head
If you understand, you can bob your head
If the music bumps, you can bob your head

Yo! Can you believe it? New for my people
The M… 2003
I’ve been knee deep in test after test
Mess after mess, to bring you the next
Phase of the program (James 1:2-3) as the end time unfolds
My lyrics plants revelation like a time bomb
Explode in your soul, “I understand” (1 Cor. 3:7) (Gal. 1:12)
So nightly I’m in the garage with my bible in my hand
Trying to tap in to the wisdom (Prov. 2:2-5) through worship
And bring to fruition the vision (Hab 1:1-3) the purpose (Phil 2:13)
If I can just capture some thoughts from the mind of the Master (Isa. 55:8-13)
And pass them on you’d just have to stop
Hold up, rewind, come again
Let me comprehend what this brother is saying
Can you believe it? I’m age 26
No wife, no kids, just handling my business (Prov. 3:1-2)
No diseases (Isa 53:5), not with any chicken-heads (Prov. 5:3-6)
Not puffing spliffs or drinking liquor with influences (Eph 5:18) (Prov. 23:6-8)
Opportunities galore (Deut. 8:18), open up the doors
And hand me the microphone so I can go for what I know
And explore what I don’t, I’m in the land of the free
And the home of where the brave died to pave the way for me
So I don’t have any complaints (1 Cor. 10:10) (Phil. 2:14-16) or any beefs like the crowds
I’m having more fun than a human being is allowed
I wake up in the morning and thank God that I’m breathing
And when I’m not fasting I’m eating
Grub, steak and eggs, hash brown and toast
And figure out how I am going to make the most out of this day
I don’t neglect the smallest things
Sunrise, toilet paper and call waiting
Hopefully you can see what I see
But I’m also dropping these songs with my “head-bob guarantee”

If you hear me, you can bob your head
If you feel me, you can bob your head
If you understand, you can bob your head
If the music bumps, you can bob your head

I live my life according to
Purposeful design (Rom. 9:11) that God foreknew (Jer. 1:4)
I had to ask in my prayer time
What makes me Matt, what shall be mine?
Why am I here? what shall I be?
Then he drew near (Luke 15:1) and explained to me
About the cross (1 Cor. 18:1), about the blood (Eph. 1:7-12)
How I was lost, how He did love (Eph. 2:1-9)
And how He shall inhabit my being (Rom. 9-11)
And how He shall be my King (Matt. 28:18-20)
And how I shall enforce dominion (Psa. 8:4-9)
And how I shall be His son (John 1:12-13)
Gave me the plan (1 Thes 4:2-9, 5:11-26), gave me the power (Eph. 3:14-21)
So here I stand using every hour
To advance this thing forcefully (Matt 11:12)
Staying in my lane, on my course proceed
And I will not die (Rev. 1:18, John 4:34), until I fulfill
This mission for my life, that is God’s will
No, it is not pride, it is confidence
In a God who will not lie (Num. 23:19), and by Whom I am sent
And I’ve grabbed hold of eternity (John 3:14-16)
And I shall stand bold (2 Thes. 2:15) in His word in me
I know I said a lot, I hope you can agree
That I can make your head bob guaranteed

If you hear me, you can bob your head
If you feel me, you can bob your head
If you understand, you can bob your head
If the music bumps, you can bob your head

The blood and the sweat and tears, 2000 years later
Church history wrapped in a baton, yo! Pass it here
I feel my role is easy because all I’ve got to do is work
These principles (Deut 28:1-14) and move on up like George and Weezy
Make 2 or 3 songs a week, speaking prophetically
Pray that the Kingdom is released (Matt. 6:10),
Blast when I’m close to the beast
Because he wants to sift me as wheat (Luke 22:31-32) and
Beat me until I won’t use my power
To bind him (Matt. 18:18), let him devour all I’ll allow in my life (1 Peter 5:8-9)
But I’m retracting my slack, hacking my lack, stacking my stacks
Packing my raps full of sound doctrine (Titus 1:6-9)
Correct in my thesis, so when I add the Korg (keyboard)
And my Alesis (drum machine)
I’m speaking from the mindset that developed in my species (1 Cor. 5:17)
New millennium Christendom
Finish what is undone to the tribulation
Some discipline un-fun, though I must bear my cross
That is the price of a young son in the Kingdom
Occupy until He comes (1 Tim. 4:13) means “Disciple” is my daily occupation
Daily bread, daily ration (Matt. 6:11), fashion my inner-man
Image duplication(Gen. 1:26-27), firstborn and all of its implications (see firstborn)
Delayed gratification
I’m a Kingdom agent, anti-the-rule-of-Satan
Listen to me, Satan is not omnipresent, most times you’re dealing
With an imp with just enough strength to flick your limp
Sober and vigilance (1 Pet. 5:8) enhances the senses
Sensitized hand and eye coordination equals the mind of Christ (Phil. 2:5-8)
Guard your mind from b

"Intimacy" from the album "iMpartation"

Written By: The M...

Written and performed by The M… featuring Robin D. Edwards and Lola McIntosh
From the album entitled, ‘iMpartation’

Chorus: Walking by faith in my God is my response to our intimacy
Look into me and see who I am and who I am to be,
If You look into me, You’ll see all of my impurities and You can cleanse me,
So I just want to be, alone just You and me, Intimacy

1. What is love? It’s the desire to benefit someone else
2. Regardless of the expense that it may cost upon yourself (John 15:13)
3. Now I see how deep the love that God has for me is (John 3:16)
4. To come and dwell internally (Eze 11:19-20; 1 Cor 2:11-12), and prepare me for eternity
5. I’ll never be the same as I was in my former days (1 Pet 1:14)
6. I’ve had an encounter with Christ and I no longer sway
7. to and fro about with every wind of what some people talk (Eph 4:14)
8. Folks talk and talk but only chosen ones can walk the walk
9. Because God is seeking those that will worship Him in spirit and sincerity (John 4:23)
10. So He can let you see Him in His fullness
11. I’ve made my decision,
12. I will let God saturate my life with Who He is that I may be not me any more
13. Because when I decrease, God will increase (John 3:30)
14. And work out the covenant (Gen 17:7)
15. And I will be free, you will see me living life and loving it
16. Because when you are walking with God, you walk in divine perspective (2 Kin 6:17),
17. Purpose (Rom 8:28), favor (Prov 3:3-4), faith (2 Cor 5:7), direction (Psalm 37:23),
18. And angels around you for protection (Psalm 91:11)
19. What do you want? The earth belongs to my God and they that dwell therein (Psalm 24:1)
20. And He just wants to enter in relationship with you (that’s deep)
21. Because nothing separates us from His love (Rom 8:38-39)
22. But our sin is like a wall that we build up that blocks His affection for us
23. What’s a son without the hand of his father leading and guiding,
24. Providing, affirming, imparting wisdom, and shedding light and
25. Making clear of his identity, awareness of his enemy (1 Pet 5:8)
26. So he will see that he must fulfill his destiny
27. Lord, I appreciate all the time You take to mold and shape
28. Me into someone You can take and have relationship with
29. You are purging me from all of my impurities
30. I have no doubts in You because You are working on me intimately


31. I’m sick of going crazy in my brain
32. My conscience throbbing because my disobedience has brought you pain
33. I never realized until this time how all my sin just tears You up inside,
34. Makes You want to erupt and cry, or let me shrivel up and die (Psalm 90:7-9; Ex 32:9-10)
35. I see that all that You desire is my fellowship
36. And not to let the devil grip-lock our relationship
37. I’m sorry, I know I let You down,
38. Because all I’m hearing is the sound of my flesh beating my spirit down (Gal 5:17)
39. So it’s been real hard to pray with that passion and that fervency
40. You know the way we used to be, it’s like You’ve hidden Your face from me (Job 13:24)
41. But I know the truth, every time I come into
42. Your presence I’m confronted with my self. How do
43. I deal with the reality of what You see (Psalm 69:5)
44. When you look up into me, and then begin revealing to my heart the mess (Job 13:23-24)?
45. How can I run? Look at all I’ve done!
46. I thank You for forgiveness that You gave me through Your Son (Eph 1:7)
47. To cleanse my conscience (Heb 9:9)
48. You are amazing, seems like You want to get me in position where I can touch Your heart
49. That’s what I want!
50. I know You want relationship, that’s why You keep on wooing and pursuing me
51. So I must enter into my prayer closet
52. I come boldly to Your throne of grace that I may receive help (Heb 4:16) to face
53. The truth about my character and changes that I must embrace
54. I’m ready to allow Your Spirit to purge me of iniquity (Psalm 79:9)
55. So You and I can walk in intimacy


You’ve touched my heart and my soul, let Your love take control
You see me as I am, still Your love helps me stand, intimacy

When You Die...? from the album "iMpartation" and remix from the album "I Wish You Knew"

Written By: The M...

When you die...?
Original is found on the album “iMpartation”
The remix version is found on the album “I Wish You Knew”
Written and produced and performed by The M…

Chorus: Did you know it’s appointed every man one day to die (Heb 9:27)?
You must realize that when you die your spirit lives forever
Eternally you will reside in heaven or hell, you must decide
That’s why I’m asking you: Do you know where you will go when you die?

1. Some people have been deceived the eyes of their understanding has been blinded (2 Cor 4:4)
2. Truth isn’t received in the hearts of the carnal-minded (2 Cor 2:14)
3. I’m shining the lights in the darkness, hearken and you’ll get enlightened
4. Envision beyond your sight and receive what I am reciting
5. Death is the separation of spirit and mortal body (Gen 2:17. 3:6, 17-19)
6. It happens to loddi-doddi (that means everybody) grab hold to this revelation
7. Your body is dragged by a hearse; cremated, buried, or worse
8. Survivors meet up in church and then divide up all your worth
9. And you’re left in a casket-bed, decaying process continues
10. Things that creep underground, wonder who’s on the menu
11. People say rest-in-peace, pour out liquor when they remember
12. Imagining where they’re at now, and ponder when they’re going to enter
13. Now you’re expired: Did you get heaven or get the fire?
14. Your people’s minds are haywire trying to figure out this mystery
15. Because when you die you aren’t just history
16. You’ll eternally exist and reap what you’ve sown as you grown mentally
17. I’m sent to thee to explain naturally what is unlearned
18. To the spiritually discerned (2 Cor 2:14). Peep this:
19. Man is a living soul (Gen 2:7), so from within you control
20. The body you behold in the mirror
21. Which was made from the dust of the earth (Gen 2:7)
22. Evidence: Your bathtub is full of dirt (if you really wash)
23. But here’s my point: the definition to the word die
24. Doesn’t only mean rest-in-peace and kiss the earth ‘bye’
25. But it really means everlasting separation from Jehovah
26. Now that you know the truth, listen
27. You must make a decision that brings eternal consequences
28. Heaven or hell, where will you spend it
29. Don’t ignore my cry, look me in the eyes
30. And let me know do you know where you are going when you die?


31. The wages of sin is death (Rom 6:23) every one that we know deserves it
32. That’s why I’m bringing this to your attention because the purpose
33. Is to let you know that there is one way to miss hell (John 14:6)
34. It is Christ! So, yell! In this life you must tell
35. God, “I accept what You did on the Cross (Rom 10:9)”
36. Because when you die, there won’t be time to be redeemed from the lost, so do it now
37. Because the gift of God is eternal (Rom 6:23) chillin’ with the Creator
38. With your feet propped up on your pure gold coffee table
39. Straight relaxing in a Jesus made mansion (John 14:2)
40. Made specifically to suit your personality, that’s why you’ve got to make up your mind
41. Because you can leave this earth at anytime
42. Bur if you don’t know God personally through Christ, you’re in for drama
43. Some of you all may not believe, but that doesn’t change God’s perspective on this issue
44. Don’t get mad because I dissed you trying to save your life
45. I’d rather offend your mind, than lose your soul
46. I pulled the veil off your heart (2 Cor 3:16) so that you may grab a hold to reality
47. Because people go to hell because they are thinking wrong
48. They lift up their eyes (Luke 16:23) and be surprised because, “...this place is real!”
49. Now, what do you plan to do with all of this information? Sit and cry?
50. It’s best to go on and decide before you die.


From the album "I Wish You Knew"

Written By: The M...

1. I wish I could make you understand the significance

2. The realness of the crucifixion see

3. Jesus was God manifested in the flesh (John 10:30)

4. To bring God and you together he took your sins upon His chest (Gal 1:4)

5. And drank of the cup of God’s wrath (Matt 20:22; 26:39) that you were supposed to swallow

6. That’s the reason that yesterday that you had a tomorrow

7. Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows

8. Yet we did esteem Him stricken, smitten of God and afflicted (Isa 53:4)

9. God allowed Him to get smote so what the prophets wrote would be fulfilled

10. And redemption could be sealed by his blood (Col 1:14)

11. A man without sin (Heb 4:15) was scourged (Matt 27:26) for all of your sins

12. And though He was sick-less, He bore all of your sicknesses

13. I wish you knew

14. The reason for what God was trying to do

15. He wanted to hug you and love you

16. He wanted to protect you from sin and death, but yet (Luke 13:34)

17. Man loved himself more than God (2 Tim 3:2-4)

18. That’s the reason darkness comprehended Him not (John 1:5)

19. Wipe the sleep out of your eyes (Matt 26:40), open up your ears

20. This thing is deeper than it may appear

21. I wish you knew the depth in why He had to die (1 Cor 15:17)

22. It was for you and I

I wish you knew what He went through

23. I wish I could make you understand the distress

24. At Gethsemene when He fought the foe of the flesh (Luke 22:39-44)

25. He saw himself nailed by His wrists, stretched wide

26. Flesh ripped and hung high

27. Mixed emotions about the notion that the world didn’t know Him (John 1:10)

28. Yet His devotion to the Will of His Father kept Him going

29. He fell on His face, “…if it be possible this cup of wrath, let it pass from me…” (Matt 26:42)

30. But He knew it had to be

31. See, He had to take His righteousness off and put your sin on

32. And get whipped, slapped, mocked, stabbed, kicked and spit on (Mark 14:65; Matt 27:26)

33. When He’d be slain, no novocaine, He’d feel all the pain

34. From the thorns in His brain (Matt 27:29-30) to the spear in His gut (John 19:34)

35. I wish you knew how rough it really was

36. I wish you knew how deep agape’ love (John 3:16; 15:13) is

37. Wipe the sleep out of your eyes (Mark 14:40), open up your ears

38. This thing is deeper than it may appear

39. I wish you knew the depth in why He had to die

40. It was for you and I

I wish you knew what He went through,

It was for me and it was for you

41. He was betrayed by His friend, arrested (Matt 26:48-50) then cuffed

42. Accusers calling Him blasphemous (Mark 14:64)

43. A whole room of men bum-rushed from all sides

44. Striking and slapping and spitting and kicking and grabbing and tearing

45. And punching and biting and pulling and pushing and striking and smiting

46. And hitting Him (Mark 14:65; Luke 22:63-64) until they got tired

47. Handed Him to Pontius Pilate, he said, “…I can take your life…” (John 19:10)

48. And Jesus let him know he wasn’t right

49. He said, “…no man can take my life unless that I would lay it down.

50. You have no power over me…” (John 19:11; 10:18) then Pontius Pilate had Him bound

51. They tied Him to a post after he was stripped

52. And then mercilessly beaten with a whip (Matt 27:27-30) all night long

53. The whip was made of sharp pieces of metal bounded by a leather strap

54. Fragments of flesh was torn from His back

55. They made Him walk miles with a big block of wood on His shoulder

56. To Golgotha (John 19:16-17)

57. They laid Him down, all you heard was the sound

58. Of them pounding nails in His wrists (Luke 23:33)

59. Blood began to drip, everyone began to flinch

60. I know Jesus had to bite His lip, from the pain

61. They picked the cross up, His mom kept on weeping (John 19:25)

62. Then they pounded nails in His feet, then

63. A darkness came over the land (Matt 27:45)

64. Some people say, it’s because God turned His face away

65. See what happened was Jesus had your sins on Him

66. Now you can be forgiven for all you’ve done

67. Each strike that He took was so you could be healed (1 Pet 2:24)

68. Each hit that He took so you wouldn’t have to feel what He felt

69. God so loved you that He gave His only begotten Son (John 3:16)

70. To do what He did,

71. I wish you knew

Cavalry, Cavalry, He died for you, It was for me (also)

iMpartation from the album "iMpartation" and remix from the album "I Wish You Knew"

Written By: The M...

Written and produced and performed by The M… featuring Tina and Andrea Walker

From the album, “iMpartation”

The remix version is located on the album, “I Wish You Knew”

Chorus: Receive this iMpartation, notice assimilation, we’re going to plant the seed and watch you increase, just follow my lead, and you’ll come to be all you came to be.

1. This is an introduction to a new era

2. The reformation of lyricism

3. Restructure the alignment and the assignment

4. The mountains that we’re climbing to wind up in the industry

5. The ideology that maintained to this point

6. Won’t sustain as we release new joints

7. Into the mainstream within the culture

8. The reason for my coming is not to demote you

9. I come to impart (Rom 1:11), write this on the tablet of your heart (2 Cor 3:3) and

10. Kick start you to your destination

11. Deliver to you vital information

12. over a beat that requires up-to-the-minute articulation

13. Staying on the cutting edge, throw my line over the edge and proceed to get deep into

14. the cut’s groove

15. Hopefully, I get you to step into the subject and inject

16. Principals and precepts of scripture

17. And affect the ‘soulacle essence’ (see note 1) with my rational message

18. that brings forth vitality

19. The time is very close to fulfillment

20. That’s why I’ve been activated and sent to your mind to till this

21. Plow through the old perception

22. Planting new conception to make your mind pregnant

23. Get it? OK you’ll get it later

24. My purpose is to introduce to you the latest flavor

25. Making known the mysteries (1 Cor 4:1), I’ve got the keys

26. To bind the one who blinds the minds (2 Cor 4:4), of my people

27. Listening to every line, and you will see

28. I’m building every single rhyme, scripturally

29. Pulling down the fallacies (1 Cor 10:4), so you can see

30. Through intrusion of the shutters blinding you spiritually

31. Then you’ll understand the times, prophetically

32. And you won’t get left behind when it’s time to react

33. Jesus is coming back (1 Thes 4:17), Oh snaps!

34. It’s time to get my house together; I can’t slack

35. I wont backslide because the systems of this world can’t offer me anything (because I’m in the Kingdom)

36. I’m speaking from another frequency so don’t think you’re insane

37. Because I scrambled your brain; turn to my station

38. To understand turn to my station or just get this iMpartation

39. This new era births a new nation, you’ve got to get this iMpartation


40. I say new era because the old (era) has been dethroned

41. Disabled scattered like those jokers at Babel (Gen 11:9)

42. My Power Source is stable, so even thought the darkness will not comprehend the light (John 1:5)

43. I’m going to still make your eyes squint

44. It is not me, it’s God in me,

45. Taking over my faculties to send me

46. Into a CD

47. Out though your speakers with clarity (bob your heads now)

48. The reason that your mind is wrestling to grasp the understanding

49. Is because my words are going past your brain into your spirit and it

50. Will soon educate your mind as to what we’ve communicated

51. That’s why right now you’ll have to receive this iMpartation

52. I don’t have time to break it down in bites and pieces

53. Just get ‘The Album Transcripts’ (see note 2) and read it

54. God will release it and make it plain

55. And put it in a language that you’ll fully understand (that’s what He had to do with me, too)

56. To understand turn to my station or just get this iMpartation

57. This new era births a new nation, you’ve got to get this iMpartation

58. If you don’t there is trouble you’ll be facing, please receive this iMpartation

59. You’ve got to get into the music that we’re making please receive this iMpartation


Note 1

What I mean by soulacle essence is simply the soul, which consists of your mind, will, emotions, intellect and memory. Yes, I did use my artists’ liberty license to make up the word ‘soulacle’.

Note 2

That is what this book is.

Relentless from the album "I Wish You Knew"

Written By: The M...


Don’t sit there and think that it’s strange for you to have much drama (1 Pet 4:12)

You must live this word to obtain the destiny you’re promised

You must lay hold of the same thing that Christ laid hold on you for (Phil 3:12)

You must be relentless when you blast the devil's kingdom

1. How can I make you grasp a full paradigm shift

2. Mind lift to another level; face another devil

3. Old standards are irrelevant you're sent with a mission to accomplish

4. Can’t be lax or reclined in the spirit of your mind

5. There are principalities that’ll take you down if they find you slipping

6. You must remain sober (1 Pet 5:8)

7. Just because you won the last battle that doesn’t mean its over (am I lying?)

8. You know the rules you got the tools (no way you won’t lose)

9. and Fred Hammond told you that "…you can’t loose…" (from the album 'Pages of Life')

10. So listen, don’t think you’re a victim because though you are persistent

11. Yet situations are kicking you in the butt, now I'm going tell you what it means

12. Endurance = ability to persevere (James 5:11)

13. Havoc shall come to those who try to draw near to The Father

14. In a realm not seen with the natural eye (Dan 10:1-14; 2 King 6:17)

15. The only way to win is to die to your carnality (Rom 8:13)

16. Pulling down positions of thinking and state of be (1 Cor 10:5)

17. With 21st Century Scriptural technology

18. Kingdom business, advancing the agenda (Matt 11:12)

19. Of God’s propaganda all across the land

20. All across the enemy lines to save the soul

21. Ekballo (see note 1) mind control (Gal 5:20) to make the person whole

22. Can’t you see the sign of the times (Matt 16:3)? That you must know

23. The God that you serve intimately because he going deal with your

24. Integrity and identity and make you righteous (Rom 5:19)

25. Then you might just have a grasp on this mind shift

26. You can’t stop until your fulfil your ministry (Col 4:17)

27. And Jesus is your example (1 Pet 2:21) so please


28. You’ve got to realize you’re dealing with the devil

29. Let me take his mask off so you see your next level

30. God’s made Satan just to buffet you (Isa 54:16; 2 Cor 12:7) and toughen you

31. And ruffle up your feathers so you could come up out of your comfort zone

32. You aren't alone, he’s attacking the next man (1 Cor 10:13) too

33. Because in his eyes next man looks like you

34. And you look like God (Gen 1:26), and he just can’t take

35. The fact when you pray, angels assimilate (Heb 1:13-14)

36. When you decree things, they soon exist (Job 22:28)

37. And you can’t be stopped, when you’re focused

38. This is not a joke though we laugh

39. We must endure trials or this path

40. Change your mindsets (Mark 1:15) that’s what we pump

41. This walk I walk this isn't for punks

42. Changing folks lives, snatching them from hell

43. Rewiring their bad brain cells

44. Now can’t you see that you’ve been sent to

45. Do the same thing? So God just can’t loose

46. You must don your battle fatigues

47. Yes the armor (Eph 6:13-18) and yes your sword

48. The words that we speak they are spirit and life (John 6:63)

49. So we preach with intent to give life, and impart

50. And to reach all of the souls that come into our sphere (of influence)

51. So that those with an ear they can hear (Matt 11:15) what God is telling them.


Note 1

The Greek verb 'ekballo' is the word cast out. Synonyms are expelled, drive, and pull. Mark 16:17 is one example of 'cast out' being used in this way.

Who is that? from the album "I Wish You Knew"

Written By: The M...

Chorus: Listen to the Spirit of the Lord in the lyrics
And you can hear Him speak to you,

It’s the M…

1. Some of you all understood my chest pains

2. Back in the day I was cess slain

3. See my mind was evolutionized through revelation

4. Marinating in my vision to derive the disposition

5. I got proficient with capacity in my craft

6. Truly did the math, in a sense,

7. And now I’m eminent

8. Approaching towards my fate my Father God at times

9. Reveals my special mission through His words

10. I know He heard me ask about my purpose on this earth

11. And He let me know through contemplation

12. And that daily meditation (Josh 1:8) of His Scriptures that

13. I’m going to be a demon killer, I will be a mind healer

14. He is going to fill my skill, insert my pockets with money (Deut 8:18)

15. He’s going to have me build a studio

16. So I can do these old spiritual lyrical rituals

17. In favor for my Jehovah-jire’ (Gen 22:14)

18. I see, so I’ve got to go towards the light

19. Wash my life in the blood (Rev 1:5) of His righteousness

20. And my sight has become beyond sight

21. And even darkest nights are pursued without fright

22. I got my mind right by His words in black and white

23. I’m still the Maddawg (see note 1), so wipe that question mark out of your mind

24. And begin to marvel at these lines

25. What did you think, that I’d be down for the count,

26. That I’d be spending all of my money on an ounce (of cocaine)? No!

27. Did you think that I’d be drowning my liver in (Mad Dog) 20/20?

28. It’s funny how the Lord delivers to get the

29. Will of His done to completion

30. Take notice the season that I went into hibernation

31. New things came and old things changed

32. I’ve got a new perception of ‘fame’

33. “…I’m going to live forever…” so I started to renew my mind’s conformity

34. From the world’s system and identity

35. I operate in a new mind frame

36. The clock ticks and it tocks in a new time frame

37. The composition of the lyrics concocted

38. Founded on acknowledgment of the Rock then locked in

39. Now I’m building upon something solid the gates of hell will not demolish (Matt 16:18)

40. And the bondage of this world will be abolished (Gal 5:1)

41. Because I polished up the double-edged sword of the Spirit (Heb 4:12)

42. Then I put it into lyrical form (Eph 6:17), now let it pierce you


43. We wrestle not against flesh (Eph 6:12) or your brother talking mess

44. Or someone rolling on your set

45. We’re wrestling against a squadron of rulers of darkness

46. Evil powers and principalities in the heavenlies

47. There is a war going on, read your Bible

48. That is the place you’ll find your weapons for survival

49. Get them quick. How can you fight when you don’t know what you’re fighting

50. You can’t hardly chew what you’re biting off

51. I’m trying to find the lost, trying to free the bound

52. By the anointing in the sound of my voice

53. Be strong in the Lord and His might

54. So you could stand against the devils wiles (Eph 6:10), see through the guiles

55. Know what is contrived, recognize a disguise

56. And fight against his wily demises

57. I wish that you could see the earth though unearthly eyes

58. Through perception of a Holy God peripheral divine

59. It would probably blow your mind redesign your hold train of thought

60. You’ve been blood bought (Acts 20:28), but you haven’t been taught about your freedom

61. That is why there is so much drama in you life

62. You need to step on up into the light

63. You’ve been freed from the bondage of the devil’s will (2 Tim 2:26)

64. Freed from the law of sin and death (Rom 8:2) the Holy Spirit is the seal (Eph 1:13)

65. The Holy Spirit is the comforter (John 15:26) that keeps you in these last and evil days

66. Live by the Spirit and save yourself from the Great Tribulation (Matt 24:21)

67. Don’t obtain the mark of the beast (Rev 19:20)

68. The ‘Smart Card’ yes it is a trick

69. Your ticket straight to hell one way in a lexus

70. There is no turning back when you receive it

71. Some of you all are too naïve to believe it

72. I’m telling you the end is growing near

73. I’d advise you to hear what God is telling you through this song

74. It isn’t wrong, it’s the truth, depart from your iniquity (2 Tim 2:19)

75. God is in the midst of thee (Zep 3;17)


Note 1:

I made this song before I got the revelation that my new lyrics will not fit the old man’s way of rhyming (Matthew 9:17). Maddawg was my rap name before Christ knocked me off my high horse (Acts 9:3-4).

Even Greater from the album "Face The Music"

Written By: The M...

Even Greater
Written by Matthew Walker and Produced by Pasi

Goals, dreams, what's the business, I've been ignited as a witness
I accept my affliction with a smile, because I'm in this to win this
Spiritual fitness profits much,
Influential music with a prophet's touch
I've got my cup of wise decisions, cup of resolutions
Cup of my commitment, cup that makes me serious
Cup of stuff that is not delicious
The cup I must drink to be Jehovah's vision
Cup of the covenant (what) internal government
Renovate my mentality, flux, I'm getting better you' all
My past is past tense; I'm focused on the open road
Windshield wipe the snow off my windshield
Dad, your whole life was the girls and I
I honor you for your sacrifice for me and my world
Because of you I've got the chance to advance
Chance to enhance the planet
Chance to gather seeds to go plant, I love you

If you can't help me, don't try to stop me
If you won't let me, don't try to block me
Because I've got stock in my mission and the legacy
Left to me, it's got me doing even greater works with ease

I've got a dream because a patriarch had a vision
A gleam in his eye became my sole purpose and mission
The hope that was sown sprung up in me accuracy
The faith that has grown to strengthen and validate me
As a beneficiary, inherit ant;
Green light when it comes to my set sights
I represent right and get tight by practice
Faith with action, speaking facts and truth that smacks the youth
I have to do these 'have to dos'
Because 'have nots' don't have much latitude or longevity
But much debt
I don't let it get me down
Because if I don't have anything I still have got my sound
I can make something happen capitalism
Elohim Music, Entrepreneurialism
Sell my CD out of the trunk $10 a pop
Or hit the website because the new single is hot
I realize my way is a smoother path
I do the math and choose to grasp, review the past
I'm understanding myself and about my genre
How my madness is my method, which affects my grammar
I didn't have to march to get here I just woke up
My granddaddy marched the streets through fear to hook me up
Opportunities are plenty, the wise steward rises
Over the one that despises his own roots

If you can't help me, don't try to stop me
If you won't let me, don't try to block me
Because I've got stock in my mission and the legacy
Left to me, it's got me doing even greater works with ease

So many things on my plate sometimes I feel gluttonous
My sister called me to remind me something,
That I'm her brother
I need to take them on a hiatus, a vacation
Demonstrate my agape and tighten up what is sloppy
It has been given to me, life and liberty
Pursuit of happiness comes when I reach achieve my dreams
Dichotomy exists in this
I'm supposed to be financially stable without a gun
While everywhere I go somebody's hand in my wallet
I'm trying to make a living honestly and stay out of folly
So what is my drug, my passion, what keeps me going daily?
The Blood, the blood transaction that happened
Received what I'm lacking in holiness and justification
Even when I did sin, I didn't sin because I'm hid in Him
So baby sis, I'm sincerely sorry, my face is a flint
Toward the music, let me do this
Because Christ let me know I'm going to do
Greater works than He did
So I'm going to fulfill the prophecy

If you can't help me, don't try to stop me
If you won't let me, don't try to block me
Because I've got stock in my mission and the legacy
Left to me, it's got me doing even greater works with ease

Perfect Peace from the album "iMpartation"

Written By: The M...

Written and performed by The M… featuring Shalonda Sims and Courtney Neal

Chorus: You will keep me in perfect peace when my mind is stayed on You (Isa 26:3)

1. Too many things on my mind,

2. It’s hard to concentrate and focus on one thing at one time.

3. So much is brewing in my life it makes no difference that I’m

4. Not all equip with much experience to get out of this bind

5. Look at my faith and you’ll find

6. That I believe God is Lord

7. And those that diligently seek His ways those He will reward (Heb 11:6).

8. And He is urging me to represent Him in this world

9. But situations raging make it hard for me to ignore

10. I feel like my spirit is torn.

11. But I will to be strong

12. I know that God He is a power source that I can pull on

13. So in this drama I realize that I am not alone (Heb 13:5)

14. But honestly, in my heart I’m wondering how much how long

15. Maybe I’m wrong.

16. I could use (me) some rest

17. So I can clear mind of stuff so I can deal with this mess.

18. So when folks ask me “What’s up?” I can say and mean I am blessed.

19. Feels like I’m trying to push up too many weights off my chest.

20. This is a test of my faith (James 1:3), I guess.

21. Lord, you know me

22. I need Your grace to help me be who You designed me to be.

23. Your secret place (Psalm 91:1) I need to run away and hide me in Thee

24. That I may take on Your perspective and see things how You see (Isa 55:9)

25. And I will have perfect peace.


26. There are decisions I must make

27. Dealing with offense I must forgive (Matt 18:35) and love not hate

28. Expecting things from God I must let patience work (James 1:4) and wait

29. Asking for forgiveness because God said He’d clean my slate

30. Guilt can make me break; Satan on my case

31. Mustering the strength to push him back up out of my face

32. Bringing up my past although God said it is erased (2 Cor 5:17)

33. I know that all he wants to do is get me out of my pace

34. and pull me out the race (Heb 12:1)

35. But I refuse to lose

36. Prepare myself with Scriptures because they then become my shoes (1 King 6:12)

37. My steps are then directed to walk out these Gospel truths

38. Then I get my cross as Jesus said and follow suit (Mark 8:34)

39. So, yes, I pay my dues

40. But this is what’s profound

41. I can’t let temporal (2 Cor 4:18) circumstances get me down

42. I must walk by faith and not by sight, taste, touch, or sound (2 Cor 5:7)

43. And thumbing though the scriptures now I am no longer bound

44. Because this is what I found


45. I rejoice because nothing comes between God and me (Rom 8:38-39)

46. It’s my choice to worry or let peace fulfill me

47. My patience is developed for someone’s example (2 Thes 1:4)

48. Take no thought (Matt 6:25) because anxiety it wants to trample

49. Through my mind and have me doubting all of God’s provisions

50. And have me off course (Heb 12:1), not thinking about my mission

51. So I do everything by prayer and petition

52. And add my supplication (Phil 4:6) to show my submission

53. Lift my hands to offer up my gratitude (Psalm 63:4)

54. Then the peace of God comes to strangle-hold my attitude (2 Cor 13:11)

55. I need that peace that passes all of my understanding (Phil 4:7) yes

56. The peace of God evidences my second chances

57. Jehovah-Shalom (Jud 6:24) rules all decisions in my heart (Col 3:15)

58. It is the peace of God that keeps me when stuff is falling apart

59. Finally, whatsoever things are true (Phil 4:8) replay them in your mind

60. Whatsoever things you do, fall in line with the scriptures

61. Whatsoever things are noble, start to meditate

62. Whatsoever things are just, begin to demonstrate

63. Whatsoever things are pure, go and invest your trust because

64. Whatsoever things are lovely, will destroy the lust now

65. Whatsoever things proceed from out of your lips,

66. They should be ministering words that will uplift (Eph 4:29)

67. And if you come across any testimonies

68. Stop and let God know you love Him and He’ll give you peace

69. Now think about Him.

When I meditate I find, You are always by my side

So I’ll keep my mind stayed on You.

I’ll keep my mind on You.



Face The Music............(Released August 2003)

All songs written by The M… and produced by Brother Pasi

1. Bobyahead 5:36
2. The Kingdom Shall Advance 5:24
3. Don't Go To Sleep 3:06
4. Champion (featuring Shalonda Sims) 5:32
5. Marching Orders (featuring Niles Bess) 5:55
6. I am trying to do that 0:23
7. Even Greater 5:27
8. Free 6:17
9. Sent One's Anthem 5:02
10. The Kyros 0:55
11. Not Til God Says So (featuring Brother Pasi) 5:19
12. Life Is More 5:48
13. Face The Music (featuring Shalonda Sims) 5:38
14. Betrayal (featuring Herman Thomas) 5:47
15. Integrity (featuring Niles Bess) 5:19
16. Bonus Track - My Music 2:22

I Wish You Knew.........(Released March 2001)

All songs written and produced by The M…

1. Who Is That...? 4:45
2. Relentless 3:53
3. Headbruisin' (featuring Selah) 6:35
4. Crusader 2:53
5. Rapfomercial 3:27
6. Damage (featuring Brother Love and Konscious) 5:01
7. When You Die...? Remix 5:30
8. My Choice (featuring Wanda Fox) 4:25
9. Glorified Body (featuring Murdock Haynes) 9:39
10. Happy Birthday (featuring Tina and Andrea Walker) 3:30
11. iMpartation Remix 4:41
12. My Sickness Remix (featuring Tina and Andrea Walker) 5:50
13. I Wish You Knew (featuring Art Black) 7:42
14. Bonus Track - Like An Eagle 5:29

iMpartation..................(Released March 1999)

All songs written and produced by The M…

1. iMpartation 5:38
2. When You Die...? 5:39
3. My Sickness 5:57
4. Perfect Peace (featuring Shalonda Sims and Courtney Neal) 7:03
5. Not An Entertainer 3:42
6. Announcements 3:04
7. Transformed (featuring Courtney Neal) 5:56
8. Transformed Reprise 4:40
9. Rapfomercial 1:59
10. Wooing You (featuring Shalonda Sims and Courtney Neal) 6:39
11. Destiny (featuring Shalonda Sims and Wisdom) 6:53
12. I Must 6:48

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