Matt Epp

Matt Epp

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

"See where Frank Sinatra meets Ryan Adams and walks with Sam Cooke to Woody Guthrie's house." - Jesse DeNatale (SF, CA) - taken from Epp's 'Orphan Horse' album liner notes.

"Not unlike Ryan Adams, Epp has this weighty pitch that travels right to the core, and can either make your heart feel incredibly heavy or lift you right to your feet. If you like music, you'll like this." - Jared Story, Uptown Magazine


For Epp, the past year has marked the beginning of a new era on the precipice of his artistic rejuvenation. From a WCMA nominated new album (Luma) to a world tour covering ground from the Philippines to the coastal fringes of Europe, he has entered new territory sonically, geographically, and professionally. Luma has been described as an atmospheric and adventurous piece of art with some of Matt's best storytelling to date.

Matt Epp is the quintessential troubadour of the Canadian Prairies who has won the admiration of an audience that spans the globe. A stark confessional songwriter, he sings with a tenderness that belies an honesty rarely seen in a genre known for an almost embarrassing amount of honesty.

Relentlessly touring with an ambitious catalogue and an admiring global audience, Matt Epp has carved a name for himself as one of the pre-eminent Canadian songwriters of his generation.

Matt’s existence has been in constant flux since he was a teenager, living everywhere from the desolate Prairies to the bustle of big cities, and hitchhiking all over Canada in between. This wealth of experience has turned him into one of the country’s best live acts and most valuable artistic exports, a rare performer with the ability to take you into his world and make you feel like, in an instant, a true friend. His knack for transforming theatres into living rooms is almost un-paralleled, and has translated to major touring success overseas.

But after seven records of world-class songwriting, constant national and international touring, a loving and dedicated fan base, and building himself into a well-oiled music machine, Matt knew it was time to explore a new path. And that path has been providing the inspiration for his most electrifying and heart-wrenching music to date.

Matt is a stark confessional songwriter who sings with a tenderness that belies an honesty rarely seen in a genre known for its almost embarrassing amount of honesty.

A crystal voice. And music that feels as natural as the earth that shakes, spins, and cradles us.


Met Someone

Written By: Matt Epp

How are you doing?
Why haven’t I heard from you in a while?
I don’t know how say this
The truth is, I met someone

We’ll always have our memories
I wasn’t happy with you, can you be happy for me?
It’s not like I saw this coming
Forgive me friend, I met someone

Of all the things that would hurt the most
The things that you say that would hurt the most
The things that would haunt you like a ghost
Oh the things that you say, and the things that you’ve done
Now I met someone

Who are you fooling?
You never looked like that when you were looking at me
Your face is red and golden
Surely you must have met someone

We’re not so different
The things that you lack bring you back to the thing that you need
And you need to tell me
Just admit it, I met someone

Echoes in your head
It echoes in your head
In your head…
“I met someone”

Don't Let The Sun Go Down

Written By: Matt Epp

If something is wrong
If something ain’t right
Let’s work it out before the night
Don’t let the sun go down

It’s better to say what we have to say
Than to keep it in another day
Don’t let the sun go down on us

What could I, what could I have done
To make this change an easier one?
Don’t let the sun go down on us

Tell me your thoughts
I’ll tell you mine
The night is approaching
We haven’t much time

Don’t let the sun go down
Tell me the truth
I’ll tell it too
I’m ready to start communicating with you

Don’t let the sun go down

What could I, what could I have done
To make this change an easier one?
Don’t let the sun go down

What should I, what should I say
To keep you here with me – don’t go away
Don’t let the sun go down

And tomorrow morning the sun will shine
If you share your heart and I share mine
Before the night falls (before the night)

It might not be easy but it won’t be that hard
We always said we would open our hearts
Before the night falls

Don’t let the sun go down on us/Before the night falls down on us (round)

Supply & Demand

Written By: Matt Epp

I am a miner, looking for jewels
I am a miner, looking for jewels
I am a miner, looking for jewels
When I find them, I’ll give them to you

I’ll be a miner
If you like the sound
You’ll find me underground

And I work only supply and demand
Yeah I work for only supply and demand

I am an archeologist
Holding a precious artifact
I am an archeologist
Writing a song is just like that

And I’ll try to be careful
Not to break
What I’ve been given
Or what I take

And I work only supply and demand
Yeah I work for only supply and demand

I am a farmer, working the field
I am a farmer, sharing the yield
I am a farmer, planting a seed
Come time for harvest, we’ll have all that we need

And I work only supply and demand
Yeah I work for only supply and demand
Yeah I work, I work with my hands
And it’s only supply and demand

Supply and demand
I am a writer
I am a farmer
I am an archeologist
And I, I am a writer
I am a miner, a miner

Red Winged Blackbird

Written By: Matt Epp

The Red Winged Blackbird
He's our friend
Like a guardian angel
He's with us in the wind

The Red Winged Blackbird
Just a-sittin on a fence
A simple and effective
Amorian defense

There are many things that I have learned from the Red Winged Blackbird
I learned to feed my family, fly with my friends
I learned that sometimes I need to fight for them
And if Amoria is wherever I am
My neighbor I'll defend

The Red Winged Blackbird
That you see
He's a lot braver
Than he might seem

The Red Winged Blackbird
He just sings his song
The little King David
The enemy comes, he'll chase 'em along

The Red Winged Blackbird
He likes the water like me
He lives in the marsh by the river
And I’m gonna move to the sea

The Red Winged Blackbird
All across the land
Better one set free
Than two birds in your hand

Never Have I Loved Like This

Written By: Matt Epp

We're one, I'm yours, we're one, you're mine
I love you with a soul that won't know time
Like dust, like bone, like blood, like wine
Let me count the ways on the highway lines
Never have I loved like this

It's no small desire, to be in you
Inside your reflection, like a man in the moon
It's like I painted your portrait and now I'm high on the fumes

Salt of all oceans, the taste of your skin
Afraid to drown, but Faith to swim
You swept me off the ground even before I jumped in

And like a pelican's wingtip responds to the sea
An inch from the swell, flying harmony
With careful abandon, he opens his beak

Til the water is gone, and we're thirsty as sand
Like you are the woman and I am the man
No guard, no walls, no clothes, no end
Sister & mother & lover & friend
Never have I loved like this

When the snow is thick and the firewood gone
If we've eaten every last fish in the pond
When everyone else wants a suburban lawn

Like a child believes, and an old man has learned
Both the color of leaves, and the world will turn
I’ll love you still though the world will surely burn

I'm determined to lose, I want you to win
I'll go back in your footsteps, I'll go where you've been
I’ll love you still, if love was sin
I'll love you for Jesus, I'll love you like Him
Never have I loved like this

When worms come to devour my flesh
They’ll leave disappointed for nothing is left
I've given, I'm taken, I'm used, I'm spent


-'Never Have I Loved Like This' - released Sept 7, 2012 in Germany on Acoustic Music Records

-'Valentine' single released 02/12 (Digital only, iTunes)

-'At Dawn' - released on April 12, 2011

-'Safe or Free' Matt Epp's fourth full-length - 11/2009

-'Orphan Horse' Matt Epp's third album, a stripped-down performance-based record - 09/04 2008

-'Love In Such Strong Words' Matt Epp sophomore album - 09/03 2006

-'You'll Find Me Alone' Matt Epp solo debut - 09/01 2005

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6 albums of originals