Matter Antimatter

Matter Antimatter


We're 5 guys who have spent our lives in bands. We hope you like this one.


Who's Matter Antimatter you ask? Well obviously you never bothered to show up to Maritime History 101 or maybe your grandmother never had a chance to regale you with tales of their subatomic exploits and instead chose to drag them to the salty grave like the tight-lipped sea gypsy jezebel you're too embarrassed to admit she was. Well, believe it or not you owe MAM, and you owe them big. The political, socioeconomic and metallurgical ramifications wrought by their seminal 1937 work, the Dry Socket Manifesto, redefined the way the whole world perceived sour breast milkshakes - a sexual taboo once strictly forbidden by the fifth Reich - and proffered their now infamous challenge to the intelligentsia of postwar Barbados: is it possible to spin poop into gold? Some seventy years later, after decades of confounding scholars and driving the best minds of the 20th century to the brink of madness, Matter Antimatter, in their new album, have answered their own riddle with classic succinctness: Yes you can, with a magic gold-spinning poop machine.


Matter Antimatter - "Sunset of Seven Bluettes" (2007)

Set List

Typical set list is roughly 30 minutes long.. 6 or 7 songs depending.

Sunset of Seven Bluettes (Released 2007):
Ghosts in the Windows
Bark! The Moonbat Sings
Static (In Stereo)
Vaudeville Song

People (2008)