Matters of Fiction

Matters of Fiction


Matters of Fiction are a blisteringly energetic alternative rock act full of soul. Powerful dynamic songs packed with raw, involving lyrics. Compared to a Darker Maroon 5 with or Jeff Buckley mixed with Sly Stone. Debut EP out now on itunes.


Matters of Fiction

“smooth as, groovy funky and the rest” – XPRESS MAGAZINE
“distinctly groovy pop/rock tunes glazed with addictive funk and catchy melodies” - GROOVE MAGAZINE

Ali Towers, a singer-songwriter from the UK had been writing and recording vocals for DJ Tall Paul to play in Ibiza, playing all over the shop from London to Edinburgh and receiving interest from Virgin and Warner. Ali decided on a holiday to Western Australia to stay, become a Permanent Resident and start afresh after witnessing great bands that inspired him.
So whilst playing solo acoustic shows around Perth and Fremantle, Ali gathered Josh Dyson on guitars and backing Vocals; Tristan Kinnane on the bass and Steve Forth on the drums.

With Ali on vocals, keys and harmonica they became Matters of Fiction in August 2004, a pop/rock band whose sound has been described as Powderfinger meets Wolfmother, a darker Maroon 5, or Jeff Buckley mixed with Sly Stone. The songs are powerful and dynamic, the performance intense and energetic.

Matters of Fiction recorded their first EP at Kingdom Studios using the prize they won for 1st place in the Best of The Best Competition in December 2004. They have performed live in the studios of RTRFM and 96FM and have been playing gigs with the likes of Bordello, Dyslexic Fish, Josivac, Gus and Frank, The Dirty Secrets, Zeta Theory, Monkey Punch, Imprint and the Screwtop Detonators at the Perth Royal Show.
Ali Towers has recently returned from a whirlwind round the world solo tour and now Matters of Fiction are working on preproduction and are set to record a debut album in January.

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All You

Written By: Ali Towers

All You
Verse 1
If you’re wanting to go
Then go on ahead and go
If you’re wanting to leave then leave
Just stop leading me on
Because if you’re wanting to go
Then go and pack your bags
Because it wasn’t my fault
That you went behind my back

And I’m already falling
Through my thoughts of memories

All You

Verse 2
Remember your last dance
Under the waterfall
Or was it a trance
A dream you can’t recall
It was all in your hands
But now it’s all gone
It was your last chance
But then you went and broke the song

Verse 3
So if you’re wanting to go
Then go on ahead and go
I won’t beg you to stay
Because now I think that you should know
That I’m no longer afraid
Because I’ve seen all evil
And you’ll never change
So I must erase my love

That Day Will Come

Written By: Ali Towers

That Day Will Come

Rendered myself imprisoned
So tired of living with this indecision
We’re I an awful state
Crushed by the wait
Feels like my heart’s unleavened
Knowing that it could be heaven
But Right now I have to wait amidst all I hate
So while my soul is drained

I’ll Keep Trying
Because I know that day will come

Although you can not see me
Know that my heart is yours completely
Reaffirming every day that it’s worth the wait
And though the Fates do beckon
I think of your beauty every second
Now without inspiration, I’m left to create
So two fingers I’ll raise to Fate


© Ali Towers 2002

Indulge Me

Written By: Ali Towers

Indulge Me

Verse 1
Slow adrenalin is racing n through my veins
Your lips govern me
Your flesh reigns
Butterflies caressing my insides
But I’m now nervous, just reclined
Bridge 1
But if I’m hiding from the pain
Then I’m oblivious

With every sigh you indulge me so softly
And every time the morning comes too quickly

Our eyes lock in time for mutual, delicious mood
No words are uttered, it’s understood
Cool Desire is burning a silver mist
We may not survive it, but can’t help but take the risk

Bridge 2
But if I’m running from reality
Then I’m not aware
Middle 8
I’ve been aching for so long
And now I’m found

Chorus x2
© Ali Towers 2001


All You EP

Set List

Setlist example
Matters Of Fiction
The Royal Show set list
1. Not Now
2. That Day Will Come
3. How Dare You
4. Scared
5. Learning Divine
6. Indulge Me
7. Mystery
8. All You
9. Your Life
10. Joie D’Vive
11. Heaven